Ted Lasso Season 3 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap – Who Is Ola?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 26, 2023 (Last updated: March 10, 2024)
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episodes 7 and 8 Recap
Ted Lasso Season 3 (Credit - Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7 is the kind of material that makes the series one of the most popular on streaming platforms. “The Strings That Bind Us” has big laughs and an even bigger heart. Also, I recap Episode 8 too as part of this article.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

What does Jack give Keeley?

Jack gives Keeley a rare and expensive first edition novel of Sense and Sensibility over breakfast, with an inscription from Jane Austen that reads, “Keeley, you go, girl!” Jack wrote the note.

She jokes that she’s jealous, which would prevent her from trying to re-gift it. Barbara asks Keeley about the gift at work. When the secrecy becomes stressful for Keeley, Jack announces to the office that they are dating.

At dinner with Rebecca, she warns Keeley about Jack’s “love-bombing” behavior. Keeley talks to Jack, and they come to an understanding.

What political stance does Sam make?

Sam takes on the UK Home Secretary and her stance on anti-immigration laws. He becomes aware of the unrest when he attempts to reserve a table for his father, who is visiting him from Nigeria, at his restaurant Friday night.

Ola’s has been booked solid for months. The Home Secretary, Brinda Barot, said, “To anyone trying to enter our country illegally, I say this, go home. Britain is closed.” Sam then takes to Twitter to state that he is profoundly disturbed by the Secretary’s words and hopes she will help make Britain better.

How does the politician respond? “Footballers should leave the politics to us and just shut up and dribble.” She goes one step further, replying that Sam “should worry less about the safety of our nation and worry more about being a mediocre player on a mediocre team.” Sam tells Barot, “I’d rather be a mediocre football player than a world-class bigot.” The problem is that Sam doesn’t see the ramifications of taking this stance.

What is written on the wall of Sam’s restaurant?

When Friday comes, his restaurant is vandalized. The message, “Shut up and dribble,” is spray painted on the wall. Sam goes to the locker room, upset, and begins to rant about the tokenism of England.

The country embraces him as an athlete but not as a person. Suddenly, a bear of a man walks into the locker room, calling Sam’s name. That man is his father, and Sam runs over to him like a little boy needing to feel safe. His father hugs him. Later, while talking outside, his father tells him that the best revenge is not to hate them but to forgive them.

What new strategy is Ted Lasso implementing?

Ted has Coach Beard share his Total Football strategy he thought of in Amsterdam with the team. However, Roy and the team are hesitant to move forward so quickly after Ted announces that he wants to implement the strategy this week.

Ted then invites those three lads from The Prince’s Head bar (Paul, Jeremy, and Baz) to watch practice. Why? As Ted eloquently states, it’s their team, and they are borrowing it for a little while.

To implement Total Football, Coach Lasso wants his players to know how to play each position on the team. To illustrate this point, Ted turns to the coach in a hilarious joke to have them start practice. It appears to be the young equipment manager, William, dressed in a Coach Beard outfit, using his voice while yelling at the top of his lungs and a taped-on beard inspired by Roy.

Does AFC Richmond beat Arsenal?

AFC Richmond lost to Arsenal, but only after showing improvement for the first time in weeks. When Total Football is unleashed, AFC Richmond heads into halftime, losing three to nothing. After an informative speech on how the Blue-Collar Comedy Tour inspired Ted’s famous mustache, Jamie produces a plan — have the team go through him.

Jamie now positions himself in the center to create chances for his team, demonstrating his leadership and willingness to make sacrifices. They quickly score after halftime, laying building blocks for the next match.

Who does Nate ask out?

Nate asks out Jade, a hostess at Taste of Athens. His family shows him a map his father made for his mother, detailing the distance between their past residences and the current space if they were to go on a date.

Nate creates a diorama for her expressing his intent to ask her out, but he trips, and the creation gets run over by a passing vehicle. Despite this, Nate walks over to her place of work and asks Jade out, and she accepts.

The next night, Nate waits for Jade, initially worried but relieved when she arrives. He’s relieved and immediately taken aback by her beauty.

Who is Ola?

Ola is Sam’s father. After Sam and his father walked into his restaurant, they found the team helping to fix the damage. Sam introduced his father to Simi. After politely greeting Mr. Obisanya, he asked Simi to call him Ola.

That’s when Sam’s father sees his son has named the restaurant after him. The episode ends with the father and son cooking in the kitchen.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8 (Credit – Apple TV+)

“We’ll Never Have Paris” finds AFC Richmond on a four-game winning streak. Everyone is ecstatic except for Ted (Jason Sudeikis) because he’s sitting at The Crown & Anchor with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend (and former marriage counselor), Dr. Jacob (Mike O’Gorman).

However, you’ll also notice Ted finds something eye-opening in his pants pocket.

Why does Ted think his ex-wife is getting engaged?

Ted thinks Dr. Jacob will propose to his ex-wife Michelle on their trip to Paris, so he calls a “Diamond Dogs” meeting. The guys are supportive, but Ted doesn’t mention that it’s just an assumption. Trent tells Ted he cannot worry about things he cannot control or worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.

Nate, however, is so insecure he wakes up early, so he brushes his teeth, shaves, uses the bathroom, and then showers before Jade wakes up. Bate is his own head, so he tries to create a male support group, but the “wolfpack” of West Ham gives him bad advice and consists of one man who has been divorced three times.

What does Ted pull out of his pocket?

Ted pulls out a green matchbook from his pocket while searching for money to give Henry to play pinball. It’s an eye-opening moment since we know Rebecca’s psychic predicted the love of her life would have this matchbook, “shite in nining armor,” and thunder and lightning.

Could Ted be Rebecca’s love of her life?

What did a hacker leak online of Keeley?

There was a massive online hack, and someone leaked a “sexting” video Keeley made, but we don’t know who it was meant for. This is mortifying for Keeley, who had a naked photo sent to her classmates in secondary school. Keeley’s girlfriend, Jack, tells her she will take care of it.

However, Jack gives Keeley a statement to post on her social media accounts. It says, “Let me convey my deepest apologies, and I deeply regret the video some of you have seen online. I’m beyond embarrassed, and I should have never made this video in the first place. I hope you can forgive me while I learn and grow.”

However, the statement implies that Keeley did something immoral, causing Keeley to feel humiliated, especially since it came from someone she loves and trusts.

What does Isaac find on Colin’s phone?

We don’t know precisely what Isaac found on Colin’s phone, but we assume it must have been videos, photos, or messages confirming that Colin is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This is because after the team discovered a video of Keeley that was leaked online, the team captain ordered his teammates to delete everything from their phones.

After hearing this, Colin sneaks away and sits outside the locker room for privacy. Isaac sees this, follows him out, and caringly tells Colin to delete anything embarrassing on his phone.

Colin is defensive and tells him to “fuck off”. Isaac laughs, grabs his phone to see why Colin is so apprehensive, and his smile disappears. He looks at Colin, hands him back his phone, and walks away.

Is Jade now Nate’s girlfriend?

After reading an online article about Nate’s latest win, Jade tells him she likes when her “boyfriend” smiles. For some context, Ted and Beard take Henry to a soccer match on their day off because he asked to go. The only game available is West Ham. Henry calls out Nate’s name with Ted’s permission, and Nate sees them in the stands. Nate then smiles.

Later, Nate’s boss apologizes for Ted being there and tells him it won’t happen again. Nate was going to dismiss the notion, but he deleted the unsent message and then agreed with him. The next day, Nate reads the article about Ted being at the game and is caught smiling again. This is when Jade makes the statement about being Nate’s girlfriend. Nate has never looked happier.

Who did Keeley make the video for?

Keeley made the video for Jamie when they were dating. Before we find this out, the subject of the recipient has been in question. First, Roy comes over to Keeley to see if she is okay but shows his jealousy when he asks her for whom it was made.

At first, Jack appears to support Keeley, but she cancels their plans to meet her family. Later that night, Keeley refuses to post an amended apology, and Jack shows her true feelings that she is embarrassed about Keeley’s actions.

Jack asks if more are out there, and Keeley replies she doesn’t know.

Jack is about to leave, but Keeley asks if she’s coming back. Keeley’s girlfriend replies that she doesn’t know. After she leaves the next morning, Jamie stops by to apologize for the video. Her ex-boyfriend explains he thought he “deleted most of them,” but they hacked his email. Keeley then hugs Jamie, indicating she forgives him.

Is Ted’s ex-wife engaged?

When Ted’s ex-wife returns from Paris with Dr. Jake, Ted sees that Michelle doesn’t have a ring on her left hand. Michelle and Henry leave his apartment, and he watches them from the window. Ted sees Henry ignore Jacob’s fist bump, and Michelle doesn’t kiss him.

Michelle looks back and sees Ted in the window. He waves, and Michelle waves back at Ted, who then puts his hands up to show he meant no harm. Ted looks confused but pleased as he walks away from the window.

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