Family Guy season 19, episode 6 recap – “Meg’s Wedding” fashion statement



“Meg’s Wedding” raises some pretty awkward questions and navigates some risky material to mixed effect.

This recap of Family Guy season 19, episode 6, “Meg’s Wedding”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

There’s a school dance on the horizon in “Meg’s Wedding”, and in typical Family Guy fashion, the theme is climate change. Meg has no date, obviously, so she confides in Bruce at the bowling alley. Halfway through tepid burgers and cold fries, they realize they’re on a date, and eventually kiss. Questionable!

Peter’s plot in “Meg’s Wedding” finds him stealing a magician’s vest and going on a series of adventures that are befitting of men who wear vests, including paying the piano in a saloon and line dancing. In the process, though, he loses both arms, leaving two stubby little hands growing directly out of his shoulders.

These plots don’t have anything to do with each other, which in some ways makes them funnier together. When Meg takes Bruce home, he has to shake Peter’s tiny hand. As Peter and Lois discuss why Meg is dating a much older gay man, Peter’s struggling to get undressed. When Lois is showing Meg 1961’s dramatic social guidance propaganda film Boys Beware, which describes homosexuality as a mental illness, Peter and his short arms interrupt that, too.

The point is obviously to offset genuinely risque material with dopey sight gags. Things only get weirder when Meg and Bruce get engaged, which Lois is dead against. Nevertheless, Peter and Lois go out for dinner with Meg, Bruce, and his parents, where Peter asks for their longest knife and fork, and attend the wedding, during which Peter wafts his face at very close range with a fan and Bruce’s long-time boyfriend sobs in a pew. Meg decides she can’t go through with the wedding, realizing Bruce is only marrying her to avoid having to come out to his parents. Stewie: “This seems like the kind of episode someone would have won an award for in 1994”.

There’s a wedding after all, though — it’s just not Meg’s. It can’t take place in the church, since by the priest’s own admission homosexuals aren’t recognized as humans. But the Walgreens parking lot will do for a venue, and Peter finally finds a use for his vest in marrying Bruce and Jeffrey.

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