Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 Recap — what does Ted tell his ex-wife?

By Marc Miller
Published: April 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 17, 2024)
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One of the best episodes of television Ted Lasso has ever produced.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4, “Big Week,” which contains spoilers.

“Big Week” is one of the best episodes Ted Lasso has ever produced. Full of heart, humor, and poignant storylines, Jason Sudeikis has created a touchstone character in TV history.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The episode opens with Nate reviewing strategies to beat AFC Richmond in their next big match. Nate hates Ted Lasso. He has the game circled on his calendar. He even has a little toy figurine on a table-sized soccer field that looks just like him.

Who does Ted take home from Sam’s restaurant?

Ted takes Flo home to his apartment and sleeps with her. Well, we all know Flo. She probably picked up Ted and carried him over her shoulder, then kicked in his door for good measure.

Ted asks if she wants to go out on an actual date, but she rebuffs the question because they are both screwed up. (When Flo says her life is in disarray, Ted says it is more like a disarray of sunshine). Mostly because Flo is three years down the road with her issues, and Ted is still learning to deal with them.

To help make her point, Ted tells her that he has a perfect 5.0 rating on his Uber profile because he cleans up the car, is friendly, and even offers to drive for the ride-share employee if they look tired. Flo wants to keep things light and breezy, then kisses Ted goodbye.

Who is Jack?

Barbara asks for two tickets to the big match, Richmond versus West Ham United, because Jack is coming to town. Keeley has no idea who Jack is. Barbara informs Keeley, patronizingly, that Jack is their boss, who owns the company that funded Keeley’s public relations firm.

Keeley has no idea who Jack is, and Rebecca jumps in, telling Barbara that she can have two of their tickets in her suite. At the game, Keeley needs a tampon while in the stall. She asks the person in the booth next door for one.

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Keeley notices her shoes and sees the same ones on Jack at the suite. Yes, Jack is a woman and Keeley’s boss.

Who ripped the “Believe” sign?

Nate ripped the “Believe” sign and left it on Ted’s desk in the second season finale.

The warning sign comes apart when Richmond’s captain Isaac taps it, revealing a tear. Crimm suggests that Roy and Beard look through security video and find footage of the incident from last season proving Nate ripped it.

Roy and Beard want to show it to the team to fire them up, but Ted refuses.

During the game, the assistant coaches play it for the team and, at halftime, fire them up. However, it has the unintended consequence of getting the team too angry to play. Most of the group receives red cards and are kicked out of the game.

Who does Ted run into the elevator?

Ted runs into Nate in the elevator and sees Nate trying to hide in the corner. Ted is very friendly and genuinely excited to see Nate.

His former assistant is about to apologize for how he left things when the door opens, and Rupert is standing there. Nate gets out without saying a word. Before the game, Nate refuses to tell Ted good luck. At the end of the game, Nate even refuses to shake Ted’s hand.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 Ending Explained

What does Ted tell his ex-wife?

Ted tells his ex-wife, “I love you, Michelle. And I love Henry. And I love our family, no matter what it looks like.”

It’s a striking moment. Ted explains before this quote, very kindly in his usual way, that he’s upset that Michelle never let him know about her relationship with Dr. Jacob.

Ted also tells Michelle it would have been equally wrong not to tell her this. However, they are raising this boy together, and Henry will give them grandchildren, so she cannot get rid of him that easily.

They end the phone call, and Michelle is left speechless.

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