Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer Review – sports and politics go hand-in-hand in this intriguing docuseries

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: April 13, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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It is an exciting look at the politics behind the Olympics and one man’s fight to re-enter the world after one poor decision.

We review the 2023 Netflix documentary series Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer, which was released on April 13, 2023.

Italian race-walker Alex Schwazer used to be an Olympic gold medallist and was disqualified from the 2012 Olympic Games after he was accused of doping. He had admitted that he did take something for those Olympic Games.

Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer Review

The Netflix documentary series explores the rise of his greatness when competing for the first time. It shows how dedicated he was to racewalking and wanting to be the best for his grandfather, who had passed away.

What began as something sweet and heartwarming because Schwazer had a purpose turned into greed for wanting to be the best. Once you push yourself to those limits and have your judgment clouded, it isn’t easy to come back down to reality.

The documentary series focuses on Schwazer returning to the sport he loves multiple times, but after being drug tested, he is allegedly still using enhancement drugs, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

It shows how he has fought for his position in the racewalking world to regain his title and his place at the Olympics.

Is Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer good or bad?

Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer is a good docuseries to watch just because of how it highlights what the Anti-Doping Agency looks for.

It’s hard to say who is telling the truth in this case because, on the one hand, Schwazer wants to return to the sport he loves and would do anything to do that. On the other hand, the Anti-Doping Agency wouldn’t lie about finding anything in his samples, or their credibility would be entirely shot.

It is a bit generic in formatting because it’s a line of interviews telling the story rather than showing what actually happened. So it’s more so his word against the agency than it being unbiased truth.

Is Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer worth watching?

If you’re someone who is interested in Olympic sports, then this is definitely worth watching because of the lengths Schwazer went to in order to regain his status in the Olympic sport.

It shows the politics that are evident when making a sports career for yourself with an agency that will watch your every move. It’s almost impossible for Schwazer to go forward now because he will always be tested, and if one thing is wrong — even like having drugs in his system that aren’t enhancement drugs — they will charge him regardless because of his past.

In a way, this is a lesson to all facets of life: never cheat or lie to get ahead because it could cost you your entire career in the long run. And other opportunities will be affected by one greedy decision.

What did you think of the Netflix documentary series Running for my Truth: Alex Schwazer? Comment below.

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