Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – does Tully visit Kate?

April 27, 2023
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Part 2 of Season 2 attempts to slowly pull at the heart strings in a slow-moving chapter. There are no surprises, but the writers enjoy making us tearful.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 10, “All The World’s A Stage,” which contains spoilers. 

Firefly Lane loves to tug at the heartstrings. After the Part 1 finale, audiences may feel slightly anxious to return to the story. After all, Kate (Sarah Chalke) has cancer, and Tully (Katherine Heigl) appears to be nowhere to be seen. We all want them to be friends again.

Episode 10 slowly reels the audience back in, but be prepared to grab the tissues for this journey.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 opens in the past, with teenagers Tully and Kate playing “truth or dare.” However, the scene merges with the present, and Kate reminds Tully that they fell out and are no longer friends.

How is Kate treating her cancer?

In the present day, Kate is in the hospital, receiving chemotherapy for the aggressive cancer she has been diagnosed with. Johnny is with her. When she returns home, Kate is tired of resting and wants to help with the house. Johnny is concerned that she’s pushing herself too hard. 

With all the exhaustion from treatment, Kate misses Tully — she leaves her a voicemail to attempt to reconnect.

As the episode progresses, Kate loses her hair while in the shower. It’s an emotional moment for Kate, who is starting to see the unflattering effects of chemotherapy.

However, she still tries to go dress shopping with her daughter Marah for her first formal. However, the impact of chemotherapy continues, and she ends up throwing up in a handbag, making a scene. The reality of battling cancer is hitting her hard.

Kate misses Tully badly — she needs her. She tries calling Tully again and leaves her a couple of emotional voicemails.

Does Tully miss Kate?

Episode 10 eventually pivots to Tully. She’s recording a documentary on Global Warming in Antarctica. It’s a lonely job experiencing the extreme parts of the world, and she tells a colleague she has no one to contact.

Tully opens up – she misses Kate. 

In the past, Kate returns from Europe

In the past, Kate returns home from traveling in Europe and is gushing about her romance with Theo. However, she’s still thinking about Johnny, and Tully scolds her for it. And then Kate bumps into Johnny. He enquires about her trip.

Afterward, Tully is passionate about women’s equality in job interviews after Kate complains about a job opportunity. She wants to do a scoop and show the double standards in interviewing men and women. Tully asks Kate to go undercover and take part in various interviews.

What happens at Kate’s “Welcome Back” party?

In the past, at Kate’s “Welcome Back” party, Kate’s parents meet Theo. They tell Kate they love Theo and are glad she got rid of Johnny, which seems to irk her. And then, Johnny turns up to the party — he wanted an excuse to tell her (to her face) that she has her job back.

And then, in a surprising moment, Theo proposes to Kate in front of everyone. Johnny looks devastated as Kate says, “Yes.” He walks out, and Kate notices. 

At the same party, an obsessed fan called Howard turns up after he stalks her. Tully is frightened and asks him to leave. Howard gets frustrated, and he attacks her. Theo tackles him to the floor.

What does teenage Kate audition for?

In the past, a young Tully and Kate are encouraged to audition for the stage play Romeo and Juliet, but Tully does not want to participate. Kate wants to.

Tully supports Kate at the audition. However, Kate fumbles. She’s too nervous to perform and profusely sweats. However, Kate does not get the role of Juliet, and despite Tully barely putting in an effort, she gets the role. Tully confronts her English teacher about it, but he explains that she likes the spotlight, which is why he gave it to her.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 10 Ending Explained

As we reach the end of Episode 10, Kate’s mother visits Kate and raises how she’s worried about her. She tells her to reach out to Tully.

In the past, a young Kate is found hiding backstage by one of the students, Coop, who has the role of Romeo. Kate helps Coop interpret the script of Romeo and Juliet, leading to them kissing each other.

Coop then leaves as Tully arrives. Kate feels on top of the world after that random kiss.

Does Tully visit Kate?

In the present, Tully flies to Chile. She likes the experience of jumping from country to country. And then Tully turns on her phone after not using it for months. She sees the number of missed calls from Kate and is surprised.

As episode 10 ends, Tully turns up at Kate’s house. Johnny answers the door, and Tully explains that Kate called her. Tully reaches Kate’s bedroom and sees her best friend, bald and frail from her battle with cancer. If your eyes haven’t welled up yet, they will now. 

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