Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – are Kate and Tully friends again?

April 27, 2023
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The reunion of Kate and Tully is heartfelt, but the sense of tragedy around the corner keeps audiences tense.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 11, “The Breast Is Yet To Come,” which contains spoilers. 

You’d think Firefly Lane would run out of twists, but they keep on coming. Episode 11 keeps audiences at arm’s length, writing slightly vaguely, with a possible tragedy around the corner. Even the ending has a potentially shocking twist that is probably constructed to fool the audience.

Regardless, this addictive series keeps on giving. We may as well be all in.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Are Kate and Tully friends again?

Episode 11 opens in the present. Tully and Kate argue with each other playfully. Kate explains that she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and opens up to Tully about how scared she is.

Tully understands how to handle the situation immediately and makes Kate laugh, just like she always does. Kate and Tully are friends again through sickness and health. The friends finally hug. Audiences will be relieved. 

The next day, Kate apologizes to Johnny for their sexless relationship. She feels better and wants to try and have sex again. The couple enjoys intimacy for the first time in months, but then Kate feels insecure about her appearance. They decide to take it slow and pause. Johnny reassures Kate that she’s beautiful.

How does Kate handle being a mother?

In the past, Kate becomes accustomed to being a first-time mother as she soothes her crying baby. However, her baby will not stop crying, and Johnny keeps trying to give advice.

However, the couple argues about breastfeeding the baby or using formula milk. Kate is angry and adamant — she wants to breastfeed no matter what, even if the baby is struggling with the process.

Later on, Kate bumps into Theo, and it is super awkward. Kate babbles through the conversation. Theo is obviously not over with how they broke up — he knows she married Johnny.

Why is teenage Kate keeping up with her appearances?

In the past, teenage Kate is trying to keep up with her appearances after her good kiss with Coop. She continues to gloat over her moment with him. She makes sure her bra is fitted properly and stuffs it with toilet roll.

At the Romeo and Juliet rehearsals, Kate is a little thrown that Coop barely acknowledges her at first, but eventually, she gets a smile from him.

During rehearsing, Tully barely puts in an effort. The teacher asks for more energy — he tells Tully to act like Juliet and for Coop to act like Romeo and pretend to be in love.

Coop and Kate sneak off to the costume room and hook up. Coop finds loads of tissue stashed in her bra — he tells her she’s perfect and that she doesn’t need to do that for him. During hooking up, Kate orgasms.

Coop tells her that he wants to keep things secret between them as he’s gone through a recent breakup. He claims he’s never felt this way about anyone.

How do Danny and Tully reunite?

In the present, Tully finds Danny in her apartment eating Cheetos on her sofa. Danny had her apartment keys and promised to look after her place. Tully was naked, so it was awkward between them. 

Later, when Danny is more spruced up, he speaks to Tully again. He’s a little upset that she did not tell her that she was back. Tully apologizes but then gets tearful. As she’s about to explain about Kate’s cancer, Danny’s partner interrupts them.

What update does Kate get on her cancer?

Kate goes for a check-up, and she is told that the chemotherapy has been positive, and the doctor states that the reconstruction will happen in 6-12 months. The doctor tells her that losing a breast can be emotional, but Kate tries brushing it off. 

Later, Tully has a small party with Kate to celebrate her progress with her treatment. They have a cake that looks like breasts, and they make molds of their own breasts so they’ll always remember them. The friends argue that they want each other’s breasts.

Kate worries that she’ll be different after reconstruction surgery, but Tully assures her that she will not.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 11 Ending Explained

In the past, Tully tells Kate that her breasts are smaller because she’s wearing a minimizer due to the network’s demands. She reassures her about breastfeeding and tells her that it will not be bad if she moves to formula.

In the present, Tully and Kate look at the sculptures of their breasts. Kate is understandably emotional as she looks at hers; she’s realized how beautiful hers are after disregarding them for years.

When Tully returns home, she tells Danny that Kate has aggressive stage 3 cancer. Tully cries and admits that she’s afraid her best friend will die, but she cannot show Kate her true emotions. Danny consoles her and suggests that they drink wine and watch horror movies.

In the past, teenage Kate tells Tully about her experience with Coop in the costume room. Publically, Coop scoffs and denies hooking up with Kate, which hurts her.

Who is Johnny getting married to?

The episode ends in the present, with Kate finally finding the confidence to be intimate with Johnny in the shower. And then, the episode moves to Kate readying for surgery. She looks sad and anxious.

The title screen “Ten Years Later” pops up. They are at a wedding. Johnny is waiting for the bride, and it’s implied it is Tully. Surely not?

What did you think of Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 11? Comment below!

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