Dr. Stone Season 3 Review – Bringing the heat early

By Nubia Brice
Published: April 28, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)
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Picking up with the same energy as the last two seasons, Senku and his friends have already made leaps and bounds worth of progress while still keeping the mystery exciting.

We review the Crunchyroll anime series Dr. Stone season 3, which does not contain spoilers.

For three seasons now, Dr. Stone has been teaching fans how to survive in the primitive world using only the resources around them. While it isn’t always easy, Senku (Yusuke Kobayashi) and his friends have always found a way to acquire the necessary supplies to tackle any situation.

Now that they’ve upgraded the village, this season is about getting ready to set sail across the sea in hopes of finding the source of the petrification. Whether they find what they’re looking for remains to be seen.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

For those unfamiliar with Dr. Stone, the story follows a young man named Senku and several of his friends and peers who have woken up after over 3,000 of petrification. In that time, the world returned to a more natural state, destroying almost all of the technology mankind left behind.

Now with the help of his brain, a civilization of people who managed to live through the petrification, and several others who have awakened, Senku and his friends seek to rebuild the world in its former glory.

While it can be farfetched and exaggerated at times, it’s still a fun story to follow. In season three, it’s easy to see how far Senku and his friends have come with things like electricity and vehicles.

It’s not hard to suspend your disbelief momentarily when the series continues to be entertaining and deliver new, unexpected twists. Now that his friends have found oil, they can finally take off across the seas to see if they can find the source of the petrification, a question viewers have had since day one.

Is Dr. Stone Season 3 good or bad?

So far, Dr. Stone season 3 has been very good. It has the same energy as the first two seasons, finding a good balance between the hilariously unrealistic antics and the more realistic science bits.

The pacing has been good as well, making sure the series maintains its excitement and interest well into its third season.

Is Dr. Stone Season 3 worth watching?

Dr. Stone season 3 is worth watching, especially for established series fans. With several key developments early on in the season, it definitely feels like fans are being rewarded for their patience these last few years.

Not only are we seeing Senku and his friends make more remarkable strides in the Kingdom of Science every day, but being able to figure out who and what petrified humanity in the first place is a big mystery we’re finally getting closer to. There’s no better time to watch Dr. Stone, especially if you’re looking for answers.

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