10 Anime Shows like Dr. Stone you must watch

By Nubia Brice
Published: July 3, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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10 Anime Shows like Dr. Stone you must watch

We discuss 10 Anime shows like Dr. Stone you must watch. Add these well-recommended Anime series to your watch list. 

Dr. Stone has solidified itself as one of the most popular science fiction anime out there. For several seasons now, Senku and his friends have worked long and hard to develop their new society and bring it up to speed.

Now the fruits of their labor are paying off tenfold with upgrades to their communications, newly paved roads, and even an iron mine. While it doesn’t follow the most realistic timelines, it’s a fun ride with plenty of mystery and action to keep fans interested.

If you like Dr. Stone, here are 10 anime series like it you may enjoy as well.

10 Anime Shows like Dr. Stone

7 Seeds (2019)

In this futuristic, dystopian anime, groups of people known as the Seven Seeds Project wake up in a new world after being frozen in sleep for numerous years. Their job is to repopulate the earth, which is a task that is easier said than done, given the new climate, vegetation, and species out there. It’s pretty similar to Dr. Stone in premise, though a little bit darker in tone.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006) 

While there is plenty of anime series’ about child prodigies like Senku, few are more intelligent than Lelouch Lamperouge. This science fiction military drama finds Lelouch using his brilliant mind and strategic prowess to manipulate the war between Britannia and Japan to get revenge against his father.

Made in the Abyss (2017)

If the survival aspects of Dr. Stone are your favorite part, but you’re looking for something a little edgier and more fantastical, this series is perfect. It follows a young girl named Riko as she ventures into a monster-infested cavern called The Abyss to try and find her mother.

Like in Dr. Stone, the wilderness is an unpredictable place filled with both friends and foes. The hard part is deciding which is which.

Trigun Stampede (2023)

This more updated version of the 1998 classic is meant to be a closer adaptation to the original. While Vash the Stampede may not necessarily be a genius like Senku, fans will likely find the unique setting, futuristic lore, and scientific elements compelling enough to intrigue them.

A Place Further than the Universe (2018)

In this highly praised anime series, four young girls, each with their own reasons, set off on an adventure to Antarctica. While the setting may be modern, this series focuses more on the adventure and survival aspects found in Dr. Stone, as well as the relationships between characters.

It’s a sweet and sentimental series that is easy to love.

Astra Lost in Space (2019)

After being attacked on a field trip in space, nine students find themselves lost light years away from their camp with only an abandoned ship to get them home. The kids must rely on their wits and survival techniques while navigating their new surroundings.

However, the futuristic space setting and advanced tech set this series apart, making it unique.

Cell at Work (2018)

One of the most interesting aspects of Dr. Stone is how genuinely informative it is. With each episode, viewers tend to learn a lot about science and the elements while still enjoying the plot.

The same can be said for Cells at Work. Although the series is set in the human body, it focuses on delivering scientifically accurate information while entertaining its viewers.

Death Note (2006)

Death Note is easily one of the most recognizable anime series among serious and casual fans alike, especially after earning its own live-action Netflix adaptation. While it may not have much to do with nature, its main character, Light, is also cunning, if not slightly odd, genius, much like Senku.

Instead of using his smarts for survival, Light uses his mind to kill those criminals while trying to keep the police off his radar.

Ascendance of a Bookworm (2019)

Urano Motosu’s love of books is so strong not even death can deter her. After waking up reincarnated in the medieval era only to find it lacking in books, she vows to make them herself instead.

Like Senku, her pursuit of knowledge will not be stopped by limited means or resources.

Steins; Gate (2011)

Like Senku, Rintarou Okabe is a scientist obsessed with making the world a better place with his knowledge. After accidentally inventing a microwave that can send messages to the past, he finds himself fighting for his life and sanity as his invention attracts some unwanted attention.

While it may not be about surviving the wilderness, science may be the only thing helping Rintarou and his friends survive at all.

Do you have any other recommendations for Anime Shows like Dr. Stone? Let us know in the comments!

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