Where is Cindy from Jewish Matchmaking Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 8, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where is Cindy from Jewish Matchmaking Now

Where is Cindy from Jewish Matchmaking Now? We discuss the popular Netflix reality show and one of the contestants.

Jewish Matchmaking takes a group of singles and tries to help them find love through the Jewish traditional concept of shidduch.

Shidduch is a system of matchmaking in the Orthodox Jewish community that usually starts with family members or friends that will suggest a potential partner for someone.

This practice has also led to people becoming professional matchmakers, and they are called shadchan.

The shadchan for Jewish Matchmaking is Aleeza Ben Shalom, who has had her work cut out for her as she arranges dates for the players on this show.

One such player was Cindy, so this article will set you up with the answer to the question, where is Cindy from Jewish Matchmaking now?

Who is Cindy Seni from Jewish Matchmaking?

Cindy is twenty-three years old and has stated personally that she is a content creator in Jerusalem. Before this, she was a public affairs officer working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cindy spends a lot of time on her YouTube channel and uploads regularly.

Her channel covers various topics that cover subjects such as Zionism and explains what life is like for people in Jerusalem. Cindy certainly keeps busy and is also the creative director of haute couture accessories company Pascal Olivier.

Cindy’s family is from a Sephardic heritage that refers to the culture of Sephardic Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal before their expulsion in 1492.

Her Dad is Pascal, her Mum is Missou, and she has brothers David and Pascal Olivier and sisters Eve and Shirley.

Cindy’s grandfather was a holocaust survivor.

Cindy is originally from France, and her birthday falls on July 5th.

What happened with Cindy Seni in Jewish Matchmaking?

Strong-willed Cindy knew what she wanted with her dates on the show and admitted that she was guilty of comparing people with her ex-partner.

Aleeza would pair Cindy with Daniel, a 34-year-old tech engineer from Tel Aviv. Cindy was a little skeptical of the date, as she stated that she feels men from that area are all “players.”

The first date doesn’t go that well, as the pair end up at an art gallery, and Dan finds it boring. However, things get a bit better when they go to a café and see they have a few things in common.

The couple would have another date, not surprisingly, as they did seem to get on well towards the end. However, the heart is fickle, and when Dan is late, Cindy is not impressed.

For all you young daters out there, if you have a date arranged and get held up for some obscure reason, always message the person to let them know. If you don’t have their number, call the venue you are meeting at and get them to pass a message on. Trust me; it doesn’t matter who you are. If you are one minute late for that date, that’s a strike. You’re welcome.

So Cindy is not impressed with Dan’s white rabbit impression, and then things fall apart as the conversation gets to his stance on adoption.

The pair realize they are not meant to be, and if you ask me, Cindy hasn’t gotten over her ex at all.

Where is Cindy Seni from Jewish Matchmaking Now?

Cindy continues to work on her projects, including becoming an actress, while still uploading to her YouTube channel in Jerusalem. In a twist, you can’t help but notice that she seems to have become close to a Jewish Matchmaking co-star Noah Del Monte.

Perhaps this pair have found love on the show after all.

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