Are Fay and Shaya Still Together from Jewish Matchmaking? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 6, 2023 (Last updated: March 11, 2024)
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Are Fay and Shaya Still Together from Jewish Matchmaking

Are Fay and Shaya Still Together from Jewish Matchmaking? We discuss the popular Netflix series and one of the potential romances.

Take an expert relationship, a group of hopeful singles, and a TV format that has already proved to be ratings hit, and you have Jewish Matchmaking. From the same company that brought you Indian Matchmaking, we have another look at the roller coaster world that is dating and marvel at the fact that nobody manages to get together.

It seems it’s a real grift out there, and when you have exhausted the delights of Tinder, there’s only one place left to go, and it’s television.

As far as the audience goes, it seems there is an appetite for the content these types of shows provide.

The science behind our love for these reality series is vague. Still, it may all boil down to the fact that as much as we love seeing some beautiful people being thrown together by a relationship guru, we enjoy it just as much when they also fail.

The main drawback with these shows? Well, we are often left hanging by the end of the season, not knowing who stuck the landing and who crashed and burned, so thank goodness that sites such as Ready Steady Cut are on hand to help you navigate the fallout.

Here we go again with another set of answers to the question of are Fay and Shaya still together from Jewish Matchmaking.

Who is Fay Brezel from Jewish Matchmaking?

Fay Brezel is a 29-year-old licensed therapist and entrepreneur who was brought up in Brooklyn. Fay would launch her own wellness platform called OKclarity.

This unique site lets you browse & connect with vetted mental health and wellness professionals who serve the Jewish community. It is safe to say that Fay’s religious beliefs are an important part of her life, and on the show, she would say she was looking for a man who can match her values.

Fay is also an accomplished writer, with articles on the site that she has written herself.

Who is Shaya Rosenberg from Jewish Matchmaking?

Shaya Rosenberg is a principal broker at The Snyper Group in Brooklyn and a Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish community member. Shaya considers himself to be an entrepreneur and is “on a mission to help everyone in their place in the world.”

Shaya has eleven years of experience in his position and certainly seems to know his job.

This was a promising base for the first date, and there was definite chemistry between the pair,  but it soon became apparent that they did have different religious views.

During the show, Shaya would state that he wanted someone in his life who would appreciate him for who he is and not what he is aiming for.

He wanted Fay to “accept me the way l am, for who I am, and feel comfortable in front of each other.”

Are Fay and Shaya Still Together from Jewish Matchmaking?

No, the pair went their separate ways. Despite a strong start and the fact the pair did have good chemistry, it might disappoint you to know that the things did not work out this time.

After three dates, it seemed the pair would have different ideals, Fay wanted a more religious partner, and they would amicably split.

However, viewers may be interested to know that Shaya has recently become engaged after going down on one knee, with Taylor Swift playing in the background and proposing to his fiancée Hoovee. The moment is available to watch on Tik Tok @meirkolka.

All we can say is Mazel tov, Shaya and Hoovee!

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