The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – does Hannah agree to witness protection?

May 12, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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“When We Were Young” provides plenty of backstory and genuine answers to the many mysteries the show has already put forth. This in itself is marginally intriguing, yet the series can’t seem to find an entertaining way to deliver all of this exposition.

We recap the Apple TV+ series The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 6, “When We Were Young,” which contains spoilers.

As Hannah (Jennifer Garner) and Bailey (Angourie Rice) dig deeper into Owen’s family history, his disappearance makes a lot more sense.

In “When We Were Young,” the dynamic duo continues their investigation, with US Marshal Grady (Augusto Aguilera) offering more answers and a legit way out for them both.

The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Grady has finally tracked down Hannah. Right away, he tries to warn her of the life-threatening danger that she is now facing. Owen is caught up with the mob and their notorious lawyer Nicholas Bell (David Morse), who also happens to be Bailey’s grandfather.

Why is the mob after Owen?

The US Marshal explains how Owen helped to put Nicholas and eight other high-level members of the Campano crime organization behind bars. Owen had escaped that life with apparent ease, but his new business venture backfired badly, making the headline news. Now that the mob has his new identity, Owen is forced to run.

Interestingly, Owen had kept a log of all of The Shop and Avett’s dealings in case they were ever investigated. Records prove that he tried to fix their mistakes, but the FBI got to them before he succeeded. Owen chose to run and protect his family instead of going to the FBI himself.

Grady offers Hannah and Bailey witness protection as a means of escaping the mob’s imminent attack. Hannah is skeptical of this drastic, life-altering decision, but Grady quickly persuades her to reconsider, showing the stepmother all of the mob’s deadly acts in Nicholas’ file.

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Meanwhile, Bailey makes her way to her aunt, Andrea Reyes’ house, searching for her own answers. Andrea passes on the same information to Bailey about the mob and why Owen had to change his identity.

Originally, Owen and Nicholas were good friends. Owen looked up to his future father-in-law. He even created an encrypted system so Nicholas could communicate with his clients in private.

This partnership changed, though, when Owen’s wife Kate died in suspicious circumstances.

How did Owen get the mobsters arrested?

Owen blamed Nicholas for her death, believing she was used as collateral in the mob’s shady dealings. Owen fought back. He’d kept all Nicholas’ messages and eventually used them as evidence. This led to the arrest of many key players. Nicholas refused to talk and received six years behind bars in return. He, of course, blamed Owen for his lost years and the subsequent breakdown of his family.

Andrea shows Bailey family photo albums and home videos. While Grady tries to convince Hannah to join witness protection. Hannah is confused as to why Owen hadn’t already considered witness protection. Grady admits that they had; their identities were leaked just before they made the move though.

Grady states that if they join witness protection, then they will have to take on new occupations. They won’t be allowed to contact friends or family members again.

It will be an entirely new life for them. Hannah is still unsure, even when Grady says that it’s their only option. She believes Owen has a more elaborate plan in mind for them all.

Why did Owen keep Hannah in the dark?

Next, Grady hands Hannah back Owen’s duffel bag of cash. Grady admits that the money is clean. Owen must have been saving up for this eventuality. The US Marshal informs Hannah that Owen wanted her to have complete deniability, to protect her from all this chaos. That is why Owen never told Hannah any of this information.

Hannah phones Jules and asks her friend to speak with Bobby (Bailey’s boyfriend). They still need to find Bailey. Bobby mentions Bailey searching for her aunt. Grady speeds over to Andrea’s address. While Grady heads for Andrea’s house, so does Nicholas.

Back at the precinct, Hannah fills out the paperwork for witness protection. This gets her thinking. She calls Jules, asking about Owen’s will again. Hannah is listed as Bailey’s guardian. In the event that Hannah cannot fulfill this duty, then the honor falls to Charlie Smith and Andrea Reyes.

The Last Thing He Told Me Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Grady intercepts Bailey just before Nicholas can. Nicholas arrives a little too late. It would appear that he has a mole in the Marshal’s office, though. Bailey and Hannah speak over the phone. Hannah urges Bailey to trust her; she has a plan.

Does Hannah agree to witness protection?

Hannah’s had a change of mind; it doesn’t look like they will be joining witness protection any time soon. She runs away and takes a taxi to the Never Dry instead. Hannah enters the bar and meets with Charlie. She asks him to take her to Nicholas Bell. Hannah wants to end this all one way or another, hopefully without ruining Bailey’s life again.

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