Who Plays the Daughter in The Mother?

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 16, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)
Who Plays the Daughter in The Mother

Who Plays the Daughter in The Mother? We discuss the Netflix film The Mother, which may contain minor plot points.

There’s a Netflix action thriller starring Jennifer Lopez available that fans of drama, action, and adventure will get a kick out of.

The Mother is a gripping tale of an assassin who has to return to her former dangerous life to protect a daughter she has never met. The film has some mixed reviews, and some say that Jennifer Lopez does not naturally make the role believable. However, this article is here to focus on the character of Zoe.

Zoe is the daughter of the trained operative known as The Mother, and for the safety of her daughter, she must allow the authorities to place the child into a foster home so that she can go on to live everyday life.

However, when the situation is compromised, and it seems that Zoe has become a target for an illegal arms dealer in Mexico, The Mother has to return to active duties to save her daughter and bring the villains down.

We all know who J-Lo this, but this article is here to answer the question who plays the daughter in the Netflix film?

Who is Zoe in The Mother?

Zoe is the daughter of The Mother in the film of the same title. The Mother has become pregnant during an operation and decides that the only safe way to navigate these problematic moral waters is to ask the FBI for help.

However, the situation is compromised, The Mother and the FBI officer, Cruise, are attacked and wounded by a dangerous arms dealer.

Zoe is born prematurely after the insidious attack, and The Mother decides that for her child’s safety, it is best for her to be placed away from the danger involved in her life.

A foster home is found for Zoe, and The Mother goes into hiding in Alaska.

However, a plan has already been hatched by old and dangerous enemies, and Zoe is kidnapped by Hector Alvarez in a bid to lure The Mother out of her self-imposed exile.

The Mother must protect her daughter from these villainous outside forces and does her best to prepare and train, leading to the two managing to find a bond and work together.

Zoe finally realizes that her mother has always only had her best interests at heart and knows she must be by her side to help her survive a final onslaught from the forces that want her dead.

Who Plays the Daughter in The Mother?

Lucy Paez plays the part of Zoe. Lucy was born on September the 20th, 2008, in Mexico.

In what must have been a strange situation. An interview with Lucy from Netflix’s Tudum revealed that the young actress had to actually perform her audition for the part while Jennifer Lopez’s real daughter Emme, 15, was watching. However, this obviously did not affect her performance.

What is Lucy Paez known for?

You might have seen Lucy in 2018’s Silencio, 2021’s Barb and Star Go to Vista del Marr, and in the same year, she would play Carmen Nina in The Exorcism of Carmen Farias.

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