Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Why Did Dan Give Up His Alibi?

By Ricky Valero
Published: May 21, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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2023 Paramount+ series Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Recap


“The Dillingers” continues a downward trend for Fatal Attraction as it falls behind the wheel, adding too much to the story.

We recap the 2023 Paramount+ series Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6, “The Dillingers,” which contains spoilers.

Things are starting to unravel for Dan (Joshua Jackson) in Fatal Attraction as Alex (Lizzy Caplan) has gone missing, and Detective Earl (Reno Wilson) is on his back, ready to take him down. With his job hanging in the balance, how can he clear his name in the past and the present?

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Alex on her first day of work. She meets Clay, and we see them hanging out later for drinks. It gets a little weird when she says she dropped out of Law School but earlier mentioned to him that she graduated. She snaps at him a little, and it gets awkward.

Who is Clay Bishop?

Clay Bishop is someone that Alex met early on in her time in the city. The two started seeing each other. While Clay tried to help Alex open up to him, he would get angrier every time until she finally snapped at him, telling him they were nothing.

Dan and Mike are going back and forth about their next steps in trying to clear his name. Mike heads down to the offices and runs into Ruth, who hates his guts and tells the entire place not to share a single piece of information with him.

Who saw Dan leaving Alex’s apartment after threatening her?

Alex’s neighbor, Emmy, is the one who saw Dan leaving Alex’s apartment the night he came over to throw her down and threaten her.

The cops arrive at Alex’s apartment, finding a pool of blood and no dead body. Detective Earl Booker, the man on the case, tells Dan that Alex filed a police compliment stating he came over and assaulted her.

Dan mentions that Alex is a psycho and he has never even been to her house. However, Earl calls him out, saying his fingerprints were all over the apartment. Before leaving, he says, I will find her body and put you in prison.

Back to the present day, Mike and Dan talk to Elijah, whose fingerprints were found at Alex’s apartment. Mike and Dan are sitting down eating, trying to put their pieces together.

Ellen’s friend from school comes to her, saying that her professor broke off their relationship. While they are at dinner, her friend brings up Dan and whether or not she thinks her dad murdered Alex. Ellen gets super defensive and says no, he didn’t do it.

The present-day Mike and Dan find Clay Bishop to discuss his time with Alex. He explains that he tried to help Alex but couldn’t. Dan asked why he didn’t step up to defend him, but he said he was there every day and didn’t like how Dan and his attorney portrayed Alex.

Why did Dan give up his alibi in his case?

Ellen calls her mom to talk about what her friend said to her at dinner. She mentioned why Dan didn’t bring up his alibi during the case, and we find out that Dan gave up his alibi because Beth would’ve had to testify, and if she did, she would’ve committed perjury. So he gave it his alibi to protect his wife.

Fatal Attraction Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Dan steps outside and gets attacked by a man. Thankfully Mike is there to save him and get him to stop. We discover it is Artem, Eleanie’s boyfriend, whose house Mike visited earlier.

Ellen goes to snoop on her friend to see what she is doing, and she sees her professor again. The episode ends with Dan, in the past, opening his front door with Detective Earl preparing to arrest him for the murder of Alex.

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