Drops of God Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – why did Luca turn on Camille?

By Adam Lock
Published: May 26, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Drops of God Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


“Food and Wine” is an exciting penultimate episode from Drops of God. The villain of the piece is finally revealed, leading to further tension and drama, while the two lead competitors and their complex relationship are explored in more detail.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Drops of God Season 1 Episode 7, “Food and Wine,” which contains spoilers.

The competition to win Alexandre’s (Stanley Weber) inheritance reaches the third and final round in “Food and Wine.” Here the tests become a spectacle as the press and paparazzi gather.

Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita) and Camille (Fleur Geffrier) embark on this daunting three-part final test, gaining a rare chance to chat with one another.

Drops of God Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Issei asked to take the winning wine home after the second round. He drinks the Italian wine with Yurika, his new girlfriend. Issei can’t fathom the connection between the painting and the wine. He concludes that Camille is a genius, appearing jealous of his competitor.

Honoka interrupts Issei and Yurika’s sleep to stir up further trouble. She wants Issei to make amends with his grandfather, but Issei refuses to apologize.

Angered by her son’s disobedience, she immediately orders them to leave the apartment. Issei tells his mother that Hirokazu is still alive.

Once they’ve left, Honoka clocks the Italian wine. Flashbacks reveal that she had a connection to this wine as well. Alexandre would drink this particular wine with her during their affair.

He talked about the wine leaving a lasting memory. Honoka sniffs the wine, reliving those old memories.

Why did Luca turn on Camille?

Meanwhile, Lorenzo and Miyabi visit Camille after Luca’s tantrum. Lorenzo explains why Luca is so angry at Camille for turning down the Leger Guide role. Luca has a 45% stake in the business. He has been profiting from the guide for years, buying properties and making sure that they were reviewed positively in the guide. Camille can’t believe Luca’s scheming.

Both Issei and Camille are flown to Paris for the final test. On the flight over, Issei tries to apologize to Camille, but she won’t listen. At the hotel, they are both given matching suits. They dress for the grand occasion.

The press and the host greet them at this event. Journalist Benjamin Keller guides them to their seats. They sit before an audience, and the whole event is filmed live. Keller thanks Fusier Publishing House for organizing this event and then introduces the jury.

Of course, Luca is the head of the jury. He talks about Alexandre orchestrating this entire competition to find his successor, the person who would carry on his legacy.

Luca announces that the winner will become the editor-in-chief of the Leger Guide.

What is the first part of the test?

Round one is a wine general knowledge test. Issei wipes the floor with Camille. Then in the second round, the competitors have to match their choice of wines with a three-course meal that they are given. Luca is biased and lets his own emotions get the better of him. It looks like Issei has won both opening rounds, but Camille isn’t out of the race just yet. She could still win on points alone.

After the second round, the competitors and the jury are photographed together. Camille and Luca’s rivalry reaches new heights as they bitterly trash-talk one another. Now things have gotten personal.

Later, Camille’s mother, Marianne, apologizes to her daughter for the way she handled her divorce. She stopped Camille from building a proper relationship with her father, which Camille could not seem to forgive.

Marianne says that she is proud of Camille and will always be there for her.

What is the final part of the test?

The third part of the test takes Issei and Camille to the Chassangre vineyard. They must identify another mystery wine, but the added twist is that they must reproduce it. They both have access to the entire winery and estate to achieve this grand finale. Philippe will then taste both wines and give out points on his opinions.

Once the test has been set, Camille races into the cellar, collecting different bottles. While Issei wanders the fields instead, making notes. Both competitors quickly guess the correct wine and get to work on reproducing it.

Drops of God Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

That night, the competitors retire to their adjoining bedrooms. Issei apologizes again, talking about how he discovered the correct Italian wine by accident. He explains how his parents were taught by Alexandre, and he was lucky enough to find Alexandre’s notes.

Issei asks how Camille found the correct Italian wine. He is in awe of her abilities and wants to know more. Camille says her talent lies in her genes; it is just instinct. She can imagine the aromas right before her very eyes.

Issei confesses that all his talents are from hard work and careful preparation. He thinks Camille has a superpower.

Does Issei have Camille’s special ability?

The episode ends with Issei trying out Camille’s technique. He sips from the wine and closes his eyes. Surprisingly, it works. He envisions the correct aroma. It must be in his genes as well!

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