Who killed Alex in Fatal Attraction? Explained

May 29, 2023
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Who killed Alex in Fatal Attraction

Who killed Alex in the 2023 series Fatal Attraction? We discuss the popular Paramount+ series and one of the key plot twists—Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

The season finale of the 2023 Fatal Attraction remake saw a much different ending than the 1987 film. The series was a whirlwind between discovering Whodunnit and who Dan and Mike believed were the killers.

Fatal Attraction was a wild ride as Joshua Jackson brought to life Dan Gallagher, with his witty charm in the past and his sad struggle to adapt to life in the present. His menacing counterpart Alex Forrest played by Lizzy Caplan is perfect as the cold, manipulative mistress who wants to take him down.

The overall series wasn’t perfect, but with so many questions needing to be answered, let’s hope we get a season two.

Who were the suspects in Alex’s murder?

Dan and Mike were hunting for who could’ve killed Alex. Throughout the series, the suspects they drummed up were Dr. Paul, Alex’s next-door neighbor. His fingerprints were found in Alex’s apartment. Next, they had their eyes on Gabriel Ibarra, a courthouse bailiff who filed a complaint against Alex for her stalker-like tendencies after not leaving him alone after their affair.

Of course, the last option was similar to the film, where Alex killed herself with Dan’s kitchen knife, setting him up to take the fall for her murder.

Now, if you remember, in the movie, Beth ultimately found a suicide note by Alex that saved Dan from going to jail.

Who killed Alex in Fatal Attraction?

Finally, after many speculations and theories, the finale revealed the killer — Arthur killed Alex.

Beth had invited Dan and Mike to dinner, and as Mike was telling a story, we were shown a flashback with Arthur and his wife. At the time, his wife was dying of cancer. Of course, as this was going on, Alex was wreaking havoc on the Gallaghers.

Arthur and Beth were business partners but also best friends. She confided in him and told him about Alex causing problems in their marriage and possibly killing her mom. After Beth tried to sit down and talk to Alex, things didn’t go as planned, and Beth called Arthur, freaking out. As a result, Arthur headed to Alex’s house and killed Alex Forrest.

How and why did Arthur kill Alex?

Alex freaks out on the phone with her dad over what Dan said about calling the FBI. Her dad tells her to pack her bags and leave. As she is packing her things, Arthur arrives and chokes Alex. Alex puts up a fight, but she ultimately passes out with him being over twice her size; Arthur thinks she is dead, and he freaks out over what he just did. However, we see Alex crawling toward her phone when Arthur grabs a blunt object and hits her in the back of the head, killing her for good.

The reason Arthur murdered Alex was because of his relationship with Beth. He and Beth were best friends, and he knew how much havoc Alex was causing on Beth and Dan’s relationship. So he was looking out for his best friend, hoping to stop Alex and her madness.

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