Mixed by Erry Ending Explained – How is Mixed by Erry brought down?

May 31, 2023
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Mixed by Erry Ending Explained - How is Mixed by Erry brought down?

This article contains major spoilers for the ending of Mixed by Erry.

Mixed by Erry is an Italian biopic streaming on Netflix that chronicles the rise and fall of the titular business, an expansive music piracy operation that begins with hobbyist cassette copying but eventually grows to a scale that threatens the entire music industry and attracts the attention of the Financial Police.

Here’s a quote from our review:

Although it runs just shy of two hours, there’s an impressive pace to the storytelling, which encompasses two distinct phases – the rise and fall, simplistically – through multiple perspectives, from the brothers to the Financial Police and music industry executives. How the piracy operation develops from a petty misdemeanour of no real concern to a national crisis, intermingled with the advance of digital technology and the needs of a radically changing demographic, gives a pleasant, useful shape to the narrative that is easy to follow in its broad strokes but interesting and engaging in its finer details.

If you’re curious about what happens to Erry, his brothers, and his operation at the end of the movie, well – look no further.

Mixed by Erry Ending Explained

Things begin to take a turn for the Frattasio brothers after they begin to fold the compact disc into their operation, which they were first made aware of during a trip to Milan.

How is Mixed by Erry brought down?

With Mixed by Erry Italy’s most profitable record label and their piracy moving with the times after their implementation of CD copying, a crisis is declared by legitimate record companies which are suffering from having so much of the market illicitly cornered.

These companies appeal to the government, which allocates funds to the police in an effort to dismantle the piracy operation.

Ricciardi seizes the opportunity to bring down the Frattasio brothers and their illicit enterprise.

So, how do the brothers end up incarcerated? As is often the case, arrogance, and comfortability, not to mention a dogged nemesis.

Arturo cautions Erry about the imminent arrival of the police and Ricciardi, but Erry remains unfazed. He decides to taunt Ricciardi by luring him to the Sanremo Festival in 1991, where Erry’s entire family will be present.

The Sanremo festival has been a lucrative source for the company, as they have been producing pirated copies of the festival shortly after it commences. The quest to uncover the informant who has been leaking songs from the festival while it’s still ongoing, allowing Mixed by Erry to release them early, is a major subplot throughout the film.

Although the police fail to identify Erry’s informant, they enlist the help of another influential figure.

Arturo strikes a deal with the authorities, offering them information about the Frattasio brothers’ operation in exchange for immunity.

With substantial evidence in their possession, Ricciardi apprehends the trio, leading to the temporary shutdown of Mixed by Erry.

Why can’t the brothers access their fortune?

While in jail, Angelo informs his brothers that he has arranged for at least 30 billion in cash to be concealed within the foundation of a construction site, awaiting their release.

However, Erry comes across a newspaper article indicating that a multinational treaty is soon to be signed, replacing the Lira with the Euro. By the time they’re free, their hidden fortune will be utterly worthless.

Erry pleads guilty during his trial, and after spending a little over four years in jail, the trio is released. They are compelled to forfeit all their assets and start anew.

Throughout their time in operation, Mixed by Erry managed to sell around 180 million tapes throughout Italy. Following his release, Erry eventually transitions into the production and distribution of gift boxes for a living, occasionally performing as a DJ.

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