Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – what is George’s most treasured relic?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 2, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 6 -- The Relic - Recap


“The Relic” starts with a stumble, pushing an odd tone and stilted flashback sequences. But as usual with Silo, the tension builds, and the episode ends with the biggest twists yet.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Silo Season 1 Episode 6, “The Relic,” which contains spoilers.

The mysteries of the Silo have been eked out week after week, revealing a larger conspiracy at play. In “The Relic,” the show takes this to another level with a powerful twist ending that makes viewers desperate for further clues.

Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Episode six relies heavily on flashback sequences, which build a broader picture of Juliette and George’s romance. At their hideout, Juliette observes George’s collection of odd relics, including the duck Pez dispenser toy, which keeps making appearances.

George is proud of his collection and teases Juliette about risking her own life for a roll of tape. Juliette defends herself, stating that the tape saves lives, whereas these relics are pointless.

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George ponders why these harmless items are outlawed in the first place then. He gifts Juliette with a broken watch.

What do they find at Douglas’ apartment?

Meanwhile, in the present, Juliette breaks into Douglas Trumbull’s apartment. She needs to find some evidence that links him to the murders. Paul Billings finds a relic, the Pez dispenser. Juliette takes the item to be added to the system.

Paul notices that Juliette hasn’t handed over the item yet. He worries she is now breaking the law. Juliette heads to Judicial to ask Judge Meadows if she can conduct a relics investigation. She obviously wants to know more about George’s relic but uses the discovery as a starting point for a much larger investigation.

Sims agrees to the investigation, although he orders her to take Paul with her.

Juliette visits Patrick first, hoping to find a relics dealer. Patrick is paranoid that he’ll be arrested no matter what he says. He eventually gives them one name – Regina Jackson. Juliette and Paul give her a visit next.

How did Regina know George?

Regina notices Juliette’s watch instantly, stating that it used to belong to her old boyfriend, George. She informs them that George had her buying items for his collection. Because she had a large family, he thought it wouldn’t cause any suspicion. Regina adds that Judicial interrogated her about all this before.

While Juliette investigates the history of the relics, Sims finds the truth behind the Pez dispenser item. Judicial’s files state that George owned the relic last. Bernard and Sims bring this information to Juliette. Bernard orders her to drop the murder investigation entirely. Sims and Bernard want the citizens to forget about the deaths and return to normal.

What is Paul’s secret?

Once these individuals have left, Paul questions Juliette in private. He’s figured out that she planted the relic in Douglas’ apartment. Paul feels used and lashes out. Juliette defends herself, saying that Paul is hiding his own secrets. She’s noticed his shaking hands; he has the Syndrome. Apparently, this illness should be declared. It is illegal to hide it from the Silo.

Further flashbacks continue George and Juliette’s story. Juliette fixes George’s watch. They discuss the big questions of the Silo. George wants to know why they are being lied to.

Back in the present, Juliette feels used. She reflects on her time with George, wondering if she was lied to, just like Regina was. Juliette radios Martha, ready to resign from her position as the Silo’s sheriff. Martha talks her into sticking at it, though. Practically ordering her to finish the job.

Juliette goes back to Regina’s apartment that night, searching for answers. Juliette calls out Regina, believing her to be the confidential informant who ratted out George and got him killed.

Regina is paranoid about people listening in, so she puts a fan on.

Why did Regina give up the relic dealers?

Regina then tells Juliette the whole story. She was questioned by an intimidating man at night, who continually broke into her apartment. He knew everything about her and threatened those closest to her. Regina gave up the names of all the relic dealers she knew so that she could knock days off her mother’s sentence in the mines.

Juliette asks Regina what George gave her in return for the hard drive. Regina removes a file from inside her doormat. This relic has been passed down the generations for over 100 years.

Silo Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

What is George’s most treasured relic?

The episode ends with Juliette taking this relic back to her apartment. She unfolds the file to uncover a booklet called ‘Amazing Adventures in Georgia: A travel guide for kids.’ Inside, she finds photographs of forests, animals, activities, and a sunset.

The camera pulls back from this revelation, revealing yet another shocking twist. Juliette and many other Silo citizens are being filmed. Two men watch Juliette leafing through this relic while in a room covered in many screens, all accessing different parts of the Silo. It would appear the Silo is being monitored. Once again, there are many more new mysteries to be solved.

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