What happened to Stephanie Melgoza? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 5, 2023 (Last updated: June 8, 2023)
What happened to Stephanie Melgoza

What happened to Stephanie Melgoza? We also discuss the Stephanie Melgoza viral video, which contains details that some may find disturbing.

The facts behind the Stephanie Melgoza case are even more shocking due to the footage that went viral after the horrific events.

It is probably hard to imagine a time when traumatic and shocking events would be relayed to us solely through the news that we would watch on television. Still, now the use of cameras is such a common everyday staple that we can find almost anything online, as it has been captured by phones, CCTV, dash cams, or bodycams worn by the police.

The footage released after Stephanie Melgoza’s arrest shocked everyone that watched it.

This article will discuss what happened to Stephanie Melgoza.

Who is Stephanie Melgoza?

Stephanie Melgoza is a twenty-four-year-old woman from Illinois. She was a senior at the private Bradley University in East Peoria, Illinois, in the United States, at the time of the reported incident.

What did Stephanie Melgoza do?

On April 10th, 2022, Melgoza would be responsible for the death of two pedestrians. Speeding, and driving while drunk, led to her car striking two people who would die in the event. Andrea Rosewicz, 43, and Paul Prowant, 55, of Avon, Ohio, were killed after the vehicle struck them near the Full Throttle Bar in the city.

Police officers that attended the scene would find that Melgoza was drunk. A search of the car would also reveal a small bag of marijuana, a smoking pipe, and an open bottle of vodka.

Footage from the event would show the police officers at the scene and include one of the police explaining to the drunk Melgoza that her actions had caused the death of two people. Melgoza is obviously drunk, and the viral clip shows her laughing at the scene, almost oblivious to anything that has happened.

The viral clip would also be featured on YouTube. Influencers like Leon Lush would provide accurate context and clarity for people who watched the clip.

The clip would also show Melgoza detained at the police station, being interviewed, and asking when she could return to school.

What happened to Stephanie Melgoza?

Melgoza would be sentenced to fourteen years in prison after pleading guilty to killing the two pedestrians. There would be four felony charges against her, and she would plead guilty to them all.

She was sentenced on April 27th, 2023, and expressed remorse over her actions.

How long will Stephanie Melgoza be in prison?

Families of the two pedestrians killed in the drunk driving incident asked for the entire term of twenty-eight years to be applied in the case, but the judge presiding over the case, Judge Rim Cusack, would sentence Melgoza to fourteen years in jail.

Melgoza must serve at least eighty-five percent of the sentence.

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