Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Who is Klamath Moore?

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 11, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Who is Klamath Moore?


“Stop the Slaughter” is a fine episode that was moving pieces to the story along. Julianna Guill continues to deliver the heart of this show with great work as Marybeth.

This recap of the Paramount+ series Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 3, “Stop the Slaughter,” contains spoilers.

The third episode of Joe Pickett Season 2 sees the pieces come together to hunt who killed Frank. While Marybeth seeks other sources to gain closure, Joe keeps finding himself on the wrong end of battles with a new cult leader in town.

Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 3 recap

Who is Klamath Moore?

We meet Klamath Moore at a Hunting Award ceremony when he storms in after pouring blood over this year’s winner. He is a hunting activist who disrupts things and releases them to his millions of followers on social media. The Governor is briefing the team on how they need to solve the case of who killed Frank before Klamath and his team come to town.

Deputy McLanahan pisses off the Governor leading to him kicking him out. Sheriff Barnum sticks up for him, and the Governor kicks him out too.

Joe begins to investigate what happened to Frank by talking to his wife, Blair, and Frank’s nephew, Chris, who was on the hunting trip with him. Chris doesn’t reveal much new to the investigation other than they split up on their hunting trip and regret that.

Klamath got a tip about the killing of Frank and has gotten his team to start laying the groundwork for them to go into Saddlestring to make a scene.

A young girl named Marissa Left Hand has gone missing, and Charlie, her father, has been hunting for her for four weeks. Marybeth has taken an interest in what happened. She finds out that the sheriff wouldn’t do anything to help because it’s not their jurisdiction, and the tribe won’t do anything cause it didn’t happen on their land. It leads her to the sheriff’s office to find out what they are doing about the missing case. Deputy McLanahan provides zero help to her.

Once Maryeth investigates Marissa’s abandoned care, it furthers her thoughts that foul play is involved. She heads to Charlie’s house to tell him that she wants to help him with the case of his missing daughter. She brings Charlie to Cricket’s to see if she can help them with the case, but she cannot provide the help needed, upsetting Charlie.

Nate calls in a tip that people are illegally hunting and wants them to call the game warden. Joe arrives, and Nate tells him a group of people are after him. Nate follows with that they may use Joe to flush him out.

What evidence did Joe find in the old case files?

Joe and Luke are sorting through old case files when they stumble upon two incidents where someone accidentally shot and killed themselves. However, looking at the pictures, he notices that the same type of poker chip found by Frank’s body was next to these bodies. Joe states it wasn’t a one-off but the work of a serial killer.

Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Klamath has arrived in Saddlestring, where he delivers his speech about how the town has been lying to them and hiding the death of a hunter. Joe pulls the plug on Klamath’s screens showing Frank’s dead body, leading members of his cult to beat down Joe. The episode ends with Sheridan walking out and seeing Joe hurt on the ground.

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