City on Fire Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: June 16, 2023 (Last updated: July 4, 2023)
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Apple TV+ series City on Fire Season 1 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained


Most characters remain under developed and there are a few odd, jarring moments, but this is a surprisingly successful finale nonetheless. “In the Dark” includes some touching moments, many revelations, and a satisfying, logical conclusion overall.

We recap the Apple TV+ series City on Fire Season 1 Episode 8, “In the Dark,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Apple Original City on Fire concludes its first season run with episode eight, “In the Dark.”

The city is thrown into darkness in the finale due to an unforeseen blackout, causing many new dilemmas. Regan (Jemima Kirke) and Keith (Ashley Zukerman) search for their missing children, whilst Detective Parsa (Omid Abtahi) questions Sewer Girl (Alexandra Doke) and Charlie (Wyatt Oleff) about the shooting.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Does the bomb explode?

Continuing on from the previous instalment’s cliffhanger ending, Charlie jumps down to the window cleaning crane. He asks Sewer Girl how to dismantle the bomb with only seconds to spare. She is unsure but suggests removing the yellow wire. Charlie does so, and the timer ticks down to zero, yet the bomb doesn’t go off.

Meanwhile, Amory exits his car unscathed after the car crash. However, his driver wasn’t so lucky and appeared unresponsive. Amory doesn’t seem bothered by this. Walking away from the crime scene, he disappears into the city.

Back on the balcony, William still hasn’t received any medical attention. They’ve called for an ambulance, but the city is in turmoil. Elsewhere, Keith phones Regan to inform her that their children haven’t been picked up and have gone missing.

On the radio, a state of emergency is declared. Nicky and the gang listen for news of the explosion, but something has yet to be mentioned. They believe that they have caused the blackout though, and celebrate.

Where are Will and Cate?

Regan and Keith frantically search for their kids. The audience are shown Will and Cate’s whereabouts. They’ve taken the subway to get home independently, although it has powered down due to the blackout. Strangers help them off the carriage, and they walk with hundreds of other people across the bridge to their home.

After the bomb disposal, Detective Parsa questions Sewer Girl and Charlie about Samantha’s shooting. Charlie admits that he found Samantha shot in the park but didn’t see the shooter. He panicked and fled the crime scene.

Sewer Girl knows exactly what happened, though. Via flashbacks, viewers are shown the ugly truth of the shooting. Amory introduced himself to Sewer Girl and Sol outside the party, yet he wasn’t involved in the shooting.

After the accidental murder of a man at Frank’s, Samantha tried to distance herself from the arson attacks. She asked Nicky to stop, but he wouldn’t. Samantha went to tell Keith, the only adult she thought she could trust, about the potential terrorist attacks.

Sewer Girl and Sol tried to stop her. Once Charlie had given away Samantha’s location, they headed to the park to confront her. They were worried that Samantha would rat them out, and secretly Sewer Girl was jealous of Samantha’s relationship with Nicky.

Who shot Samantha?

This jealousy led Sewer Girl to shoot Samantha, but her first shot missed entirely. Sol grabbed the weapon and shot Samantha in the head. It was Sol that delivered the fatal blow.

Back in the present, Nicky and Sol argue about the failed terrorist attack. Sol runs, and Nicky chases after him, firing his weapon at Sol. It is unclear whether Nicky hit Sol or not, though.

With Sewer Girl’s confession and Charlie admitting to his involvement in one of the fires, Parsa takes them both to the precinct.

It is now nighttime, and the blackout has still not been fixed; the city is in complete darkness. Samantha’s father heads to the hospital to be with his daughter, who is still being kept alive by a valiant nurse.

Regan and Keith’s prayers are answered when Will phones. The kids have made it home safely. Regan and Keith celebrate by embracing one another.

This hug oddly ends with the couple having sex, even though their children are still home alone during a blackout.

Elsewhere, McFadden finds William and the gang on the balcony. They fashion a stretcher and carry William to the hospital.

Surprisingly, Samantha wakes from her coma. Parsa reunites Charlie with his mother. Sewer Girl is then taken in to be booked, but the system is still down.

Parsa is updated on Samantha’s recovery. He tells Sewer Girl the good news. They discuss the September 11 attacks and a racial incident involving Parsa, resulting in his injury. The detective encourages Sewer Girl to turn her life around, and he invites her over for a meal with his wife.

City on Fire Season 1 Ending Explained

Who is Regan’s first child?

The next day, the power returns to the city. Keith is welcomed back into his own family. Regan looks at the adoption paperwork and discovers that her son went to David and Ramona Weisbarger. It would appear that Charlie is her biological son and her first child. William reconnects with his father.

The series ends with Charlie visiting Samantha in the hospital. They have an emotional reunion and hug one another, excited about their future together.

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