Glamorous Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: June 22, 2023 (Last updated: June 26, 2023)
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Netflix series Glamorous Season 1 Episode 10 and Ending Explained


“Tip the Girls” addresses some important modern themes and brings a satisfying finality to the show’s many subplots and character arcs. However, the script is still plagued by some awful comedy moments and weak writing.

We recap the Netflix series Glamorous Season 1 Episode 10, “Tip the Girls,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

The season finale of Glamorous, “Tip the Girls,” finds poor Marco (Miss Benny) in a bit of a bind; he has an army of angry online stans after him; he has nowhere to live and no romantic prospects either.

To make matters worse, he feels completely lost; something needs to change.

Glamorous Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

We open with Marco delivering another live stream on the company’s online channel. Marco quickly upsets an army of followers, though, as he disrespects the major influencer, Miss Waverly. Over the following days, Madolyn’s company is sent glitter bombs in the post in retaliation.

Alyssa is attacked by one of these glitter bombs, and she immediately drops Marco from any further live-streaming duties. Marco is devastated as this may have an alarming effect on his own social media following.

Elsewhere, Venetia is job hunting, having been sacked from Glamorous. Britt asks her to move in with her, although this means that Marco will technically be homeless.

He’s been kicked out of Britt’s, and his mother is selling the family home as well.

Poor Marco has a lot on his plate at the moment. His first task is to win back the Waverly fans. He fakes an online apology, but it’s largely ignored.

Ben is still angry with Marco, too, and hate-watching all of Marco’s videos. Britt suggests that Ben should forgive Marco and move on.

Why does Chad need Venetia’s help?

At work, Chad is stressed because his father is back in town. There are also complications with the business’ key formulator. Chad is forced to ask Venetia for help; even though she’s just been sacked, she’s the only one that can fix the problem. They meet for lunch, and Venetia happily assists, easily solving the crisis.

Chad informs his mother, Madolyn, of the good news; Venetia has saved the company. It also happens to be Chad’s last day on the job. He says his goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Marco asks Ben to help him track down Miss Waverly so that he can apologize to her in person.

They find her hiding out at Hotel Elysium. The duo tries to break in and confront her, but her army of stans is blocking the stairway. A diversion ends badly, and they are chased out of the building by these angry followers.

Outside, Marco apologizes for using Ben.

Ben and Marco decide to go clubbing. Marco is offered a place to stay by DJ Dizmal. At the club, they bump into Marco’s ex, Parker.

In a rather odd scene, Ben and Marco start talking to Parker but discover that they are speaking with his new partner Peter, who looks identical to Parker.

Parker tries to flirt with Marco and asks him to stay the night. Marco shows growth and turns him down. To celebrate, Marco and Ben dance to one of their favorite songs.

That night, Madolyn stays at home, fearing that she’ll bump into her ex-husband if she leaves the house. Driver Teddy offers to keep her company. He makes his move, telling Madolyn that he likes her. Madolyn says that she likes him too.

There’s sexual tension between them, but nothing comes of this confession.

How does Miss Waverly respond to the hate?

The next day, Venetia moves into Britt’s apartment. Marco checks out Dizmal’s digs, but he’s horrified by what he finds; the place is an absolute wreck. Marco then runs away. As he leaves, he’s handed a letter by Miss Waverly; it says that he should forgive himself.

Does Venetia get a new job?

Venetia returns to Glamorous with Chad. She is offered her own office and given the creative executive title. Madolyn wants her back, although she refuses to apologize and acts as if nothing has changed. Later, Madolyn’s ex-husband and Chad’s father rolls into the offices to stir up further trouble.

The team celebrates Venetia’s return and promotion. Venetia asks Marco if he is back with Ben yet. Marco says he needs time to figure out some things first; he is utterly confused and lost.

Glamorous Season 1 Ending Explained

The series ends with a narration from Marco. He says he forgives himself and is now ready to know his real self. He goes to Callen-Lorde, where he meets with a transgender specialist called Dr Ripley Torres.

The truth behind Marco’s journey of self-discovery and his confused mental state finally makes sense; he is now questioning his gender identity and possibly looking into gender reassignment.

Marco’s mother packs up the family home, embracing her child outside the house. She says to Marco that she is the best daughter a mother could have. Marco appears comforted and happy to be referred to as a female.

She checks her reflection, feeling more comfortable in her own skin now that she has realized what she wants from life.

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