The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – how does Dolores become a killer?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 7, 2023 (Last updated: July 10, 2023)
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Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 3 - Like a Stoned-Ass Baby - Recap


The dark humor finally shines through in this disturbing and sinister installment. “Like a Stoned-Ass Baby” centers on Luis’ deplorable plan, providing tension and an enticing hook for viewers to grab hold of.

We recap the Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 3, “Like a Stoned-Ass Baby,” which contains spoilers.

It wouldn’t be a serial-killer storyline without some deaths. In “Like a Stoned-Ass Baby,” Dolores (Justina Machado) commits her first murder, killing the landlord Mr. Pearlman.

Panicked by her own killer instincts, Dolores attempts to dispose of the body, but Luis (Alejandro Hernandez) has other ideas.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Starting in the present, Dolores talks with Flora about her first killing. She says how murder is hard work and that the first one changed everything for her.

We then revert back to the previous episode’s cliffhanger ending, as Dolores attacks Luis’ landlord, Gideon Pearlman.

How does Dolores become a killer?

Dolores strangles Mr. Pearlman on her new massage table. She actually starts to enjoy it, quickly losing herself in the moment. When she finally stops, Dolores realizes what she has actually done. She is shocked by her own strength. Gideon Pearlman is dead. She was provoked by his sexual advances and felt he had to go because she couldn’t afford to pay him off.

The masseuse composes herself and tries to move the body, but it is too heavy. The corpse then falls to the floor. She covers the body and takes back her money from his pockets.

Panicked, Dolores flees, running to the local shops. As she leaves, she tells Luis to stay out of the basement; the landlord is asleep, and the staircase is broken.

In the hardware store, Dolores grabs the appropriate items, snatching a shovel, a saw, bin bags, tape, and liquid lye. Somebody has clearly been watching their fair share of true crime documentaries.

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At the checkout, she notices that this is all being caught on camera. To throw them off the scent, Dolores also buys snacks and balloons, lying about a party for cover.

Back in the basement, Dolores discovers that the landlord’s body is missing. Growing paranoid, she fears that she has dreamed it all up or that Luis has called the cops.

She finds a note from Luis, in which he says that he’s taking care of it. Stressed out, Dolores smokes a joint and collapses on the bed, totally overwhelmed by the predicament.

What has Luis done with Mr. Pearlman’s body?

When she wakes, Dolores questions Luis about the body, but he won’t discuss it. Outside, Nellie offers free samples of Luis’ new empanadas to the public, which contain a new, secret ingredient. Dolores believes the new meat comes from Mr. Pearlman’s corpse. She’s right; Luis has dismembered and cooked Mr. Pearlman’s flesh.

She confronts an unhinged Luis about this theory. He practically admits to this ungodly act, talking about creating a revolutionary style of empanada.

Luis thinks it’s an ironic death for Mr. Pearlman, although Dolores reiterates that it was an accident; she didn’t mean to kill him.

The locals love the samples. Joy comments on how she has never tasted anything like it before. She’s here to get a massage, though. Dolores drags her away from the horrifying empanadas and takes her to the basement for a massage.

Joy enjoys her massage and thanks Dolores for the experience. The whole time though, Dolores’ mind is elsewhere, thinking about the murder and the meat.

She’s traumatized by these events and vows to never kill again.

As the working day comes to an end, Luis retires to his basement apartment. He’s elated by the public’s response and celebrates with another joint.

Dolores is horrified by Luis’ relaxed attitude. She questions him about this cannibalistic approach.

What is Luis’ plan?

Luis defends himself, calling the empanadas a delicacy. He states that we are carnivores and that these are desperate times. He thinks they’ve beaten the system. Dolores fears that she will go straight back to prison for these crimes. Luis believes that hiding in plain sight is their best option. He adds that the rest of the corpse is in his freezer.

He’s also moved Mr. Pearlman’s phone to Soho as a diversion tactic. Luis then states that he loves Dolores, and he thinks she loves him too. Dolores doesn’t react; she smokes a joint and tries to ignore the many mounting dilemmas that are overwhelming her.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

In the next few days, life goes back to normal. The new empanadas fly off the shelves, and Dolores’ massage business continues to thrive. Dolores feels content, although she does worry that they’ll eventually run out of meat.

The episode ends with Luis presenting Dolores with a present. He’s printed off a fake massage therapist certificate for her. This will make her operation look more legit. Luis and Dolores both feel comforted by the normality, but that is all about to change. The landlord’s son Jonah arrives moments later with some police officers, asking for his father’s whereabouts. That high didn’t last too long now, did it?

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