The Out-Laws Ending Explained – how does Owen save Parker?

By Lori Meek
Published: July 7, 2023
2023 Netflix film The Out-Laws Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film The Out-Laws, which will contain significant spoilers.

This Adam Sandler-produced action comedy, The Out-Laws, follows a bank manager named Owen, who meets his future in-laws, Billy and Lilly, just days before the big wedding to the love of his life, Parker. After Owen’s bank gets robbed, he starts suspecting his fiance’s parents of being the infamous Ghost Bandits. 

As the movie progresses, we learn that Owen’s suspicions were very much correct. Not only are his in-laws notorious criminals, but they also owe a lot of money to their previous partner, Rehan. And Rehan is as unhinged as she is impatient, not to mention she’s in love with Billy. 

The Out-Laws Ending Explained

After Rehan takes Parker hostage while waiting for the 5 million dollars she claims Billy and Lilly owe her, Owen and his “out-laws” are forced to work together in hopes of saving her life. 

The three come up with a plan to rob one bank managed by a guy Owen believes to be sloppy. For some reason, our leading man chooses to dress up as Shrek for the robbery. 

To no one’s surprise, Owen messes up the heist. The three escape in an armored vehicle and get away from the police by driving it through a cemetery and ruining a funeral in the process. But by the end of it, all the money flies off, leaving our heroes with a total of $60. 

How did Owen get inside Pheobe King’s vault?

Left with no other option, Owen, Billy, and Lilly decide to rob the ultra-secure bank managed by Owen’s rival, Phoebe King. To make sure the police stay off their backs, Owen calls his parents and tells them they’re planning on robbing the bank he works at. Again. 

He convinces Pheobe to let him see the vault by pretending to need advice after his bank got robbed. To everyone’s surprise, the plan works, and Owen gets the money and sneaks out while Lilly and Billy are distracting the police.

Owen heads to the meeting place where he’s supposed to exchange the money for Parker. Rehan praises Owen for his criminal success but admits she still plans to kill him and poor Parker (who’s dressed “like a meth-head lottery winner marrying Machine Gun Kelly at a cruise boat casino”). 

How does Owen save Parker?

But our hero accidentally saves the day when he pulls the trigger of his not-water-gun he mistakenly believed to be a toy. With Rehan and her posey now dead, Billy and Lilly arrive finally ready to face the consequences of their lifelong criminal career. 

We then cut to the wedding, where the newly married Owen and Parker are surprised to see Billy and Lilly attending. As it turns out, Agent Oldham is a big softie who lets them take a break from jail to share a dance and even enjoy a slice of cake at their daughter’s wedding. But both are handcuffed to the FBI agent, making the dancing part a bit awkward. 

What happened in the mid-credit scene?

In a mid-credit scene, we see Owen handing his new father-in-law a “special” slice of cake. He placed a nail file inside the pastry, helping the two criminals escape. 

Accountability is overrated, anyway. 

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