Will there be a Devil’s Advocate Season 2 on Netflix?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 14, 2023
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Will there be a Devil's Advocate Season 2 on Netflix?

This article discusses the possibility of Devil’s Advocate Season 2 on Netflix and may contain spoilers for the first season. 

Not to be confused with the 1997 film starring Keanu ReevesDevil’s Advocate is a Netflix limited series set in Kuwait City. Only the second of the streamer’s Kuwaiti projects – the first being The Exchange, which is rather good – this seven-part legal thriller lacks the film’s supernatural component but paddles in the same waters of flexible morality in the justice system.

The plot revolves around a famous footballer, Bader, who is accused of stabbing his wife Dalal to death, and the former journalist and human rights activist turned lawyer, Laulwa, who chooses to take his case on despite him having already been hung in the court of public opinion.

While it’s largely slavishly devoted to the genre, with a lengthy and illuminating investigation leading into a dramatic courtroom showdown, the show saves some very shocking reveals for after the trial has concluded. With a deliberately ambiguous ending, viewers are rightly wondering what the future of the show may hold, so here’s everything we know.

Will there be a Devil’s Advocate Season 2 on Netflix?

Renewed or canceled status: TBC

At the time of writing, Devil’s Advocate has not been renewed for a second season.

This isn’t entirely surprising so soon after release but it’ll likely continue to be the case since the show was marketed as a limited series and tells what is — for the most part! — an isolated story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Of course, the ending of Devil’s Advocate Season 1 does end on a deliberately ambiguous note, though this, at least to me, seems deliberately designed for the audience to ponder, not necessarily for the story to be continued.

Of course, the usual metrics — number of viewers, how many of them watch the series in its entirety, reception on social media and on aggregate sites like Rotten Tomatoes — will mean something, but in this case probably not very much.

Our official prediction is that Devil’s Advocate will not be renewed for a second season, but we’ll update this page with any more information as soon as we get it.

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