Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: July 14, 2023
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Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained


“Proof of Concept” provides gripping action and some tense sequences that fit the genre, but it seems a bit underwhelming for a finale overall. This may be the happy ending that fans were after, but the journey to this destination was quite messy and rushed.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 6, “Proof of Concept,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The final installment of the season, and the entire series for that matter, “Proof of Concept,” centers on the team’s mission to free Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) from torture in Myanmar while they also find time to track down the locations of the five biochemical bombs that are headed for American soil.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

As the first episode showed us, Jack Ryan does, in fact, end up being tortured in Myanmar. Zeyara oversees this interrogation, desperate for information on the Americans’ mission and the names of those on Jack’s team.

Jack refuses to give up any details whatsoever and undergoes some horrifying suffering in return.

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His friends, Mike and Chavez, are still back at the chopper, contemplating their next move. Chavez decides to infiltrate Zeyara’s base and save Jack, leaving Mike to commandeer a new form of transport in the meantime.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth is voted in as the official director of the CIA, and James questions Bill Tuttle. James has discovered that Bill worked for the CIA as a lieutenant and is impressed with his resume, but Bill won’t give up any details of the terrorist’s plans.

Where are Chao’s documents on the Triad?

Cathy calls James next. She’s with Chao’s wife and daughter. They don’t have any details to hand over; they know nothing about the crime organization. Cathy speaks with the daughter and soon realizes that Chao’s flash drive has been kept secret, buried inside the daughter’s cuddly toy. The drive contains coded documents, but Bill won’t give them the codes.

Bill won’t give up Jack’s location either. The CIA knows one individual who might, though. Elizabeth questions Adebayo, laying out all the evidence they have on him.

Adebayo asks for immunity in return for divulging Jack’s location. Elizabeth agrees and signs the paperwork, but she may not have needed to play this hand, unfortunately.

Who kills Zeyara?

Chavez uses his nifty skills to break in and free Jack. Zeyara tries to negotiate with the assassin, but Chavez kills the traitor before she can work her magic. With Zeyara dead and Jack now free, it just leaves Mike to fly them home to safety.

Why was President Udo killed?

The trio returns to Washington and instantly gets back to work once again. James has Bill’s deciphering tool for the codes, which happens to be a specific edition of the Book of Mormon. They now know that the operation ran from Myanmar to Mexico via Lagos. The President of Nigeria was killed so that they could defend the Nigerian port and have full control of it.

Bill finally gives up the details about the bombs. They track them down to five specific vehicles heading for the US/Mexico border. The vehicles are all onboard a car carrier trailer.

The truck’s driver shoots at the border patrol soldiers once he knows the jig is up, and a shootout follows. Eventually, Jack’s team finds the bomb, and Jack disarms it himself, cutting the wire in dramatic fashion.

What happens to Adebayo?

As the series comes to an end, Elizabeth makes sure that Adebayo is arrested. He may have immunity with the CIA, but this deal doesn’t cover the police, who happily arrest the traitor in public. Elizabeth doesn’t care about the circumstances of the arrest; she just wants to make some real change in the country.

At Jack’s open hearing, he discusses the circumstances of the Myanmar debacle. He comments on his vow to eliminate any compromised operations within the organization and how he failed his duties. Zeyara proved the weaknesses in the system, and the border ordeal showed that the higher-ups were also involved somehow.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Ending Explained

Jack then produces a document that proves that Senator Henshaw was involved in this corruption. He had accepted bribes from Adebayo for his next campaign trail. Jack proves Henshaw’s involvement and then walks away from the hearing while Henshaw tries to defend himself.

Outside the White House, Jack and the gang say their final goodbyes to one another. Elizabeth thinks the President is going to ask Jack to run for office, but he doesn’t want that role at all.

Jack says that he wants to have a break. We last see him walking off with Cathy, hopefully, to enjoy some well-earned vacation time.

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