Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – what are the Triad’s devices for?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 14, 2023
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Prime Video series Tom Clancys Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5 Recap


“Wokung” is cinematically shot and action-packed, feeling like a mini-movie. The creators have been building towards this exhilarating finale, but the storytelling still has weaknesses. Mainly, one rather uninspired plot twist, the reliance on emotional ploys, and the usual, rushed expositional dialogue.

We recap the Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5, “Wukong,” which contains spoilers.

After four episodes of buildup, the action finally commences in “Wukong.” Jack (John Krasinski), Mike (Michael Kelly), and Chavez rendezvous with Chao (Louis Ozawa) in Myanmar, where they plan on destroying the Triad’s evil devices. While in Washington DC, James (Wendell Pierce) and Chao (Louis Ozawa) separately investigate those involved in this global corruption.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Starting in Myanmar, Jack, Mike, and Chavez enter the country using fake identities. Mike heads straight to the casino to meet with Chao.

Of course, Chao still needs to act like he’s part of the Triad, so he must tread carefully.

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Meanwhile, Zeyara welcomes Cathy to the country, although she is here under false pretenses. She thinks she’s involved in a new philanthropy partnership, but she is actually bait. Zeyara wants to use Cathy to get to Jack. Zeyara gives Cathy a tour of Myanmar before her plans fall into place.

What are the Triad’s devices for?

After a little fun at the casino, Mike and Chao meet up with Jack and Chavez. Chao goes over the plan. They need to retrieve the Triad’s devices from the casino’s vault and destroy them. Chao explains that these devices are triggers that could be used to set off bombs anywhere in the world.

Chao gives them all security clearance at the casino and agrees to meet with them in the vault. They are handed weapons and prepare for the mission.

Chao then informs Jack about the situation with Cathy. Jack is furious and demands to know Cathy’s location immediately.

Obviously, Chao knows this would be a bad idea and declines. Later when Cathy phones Jack, he refuses to answer, understanding the full extent of this predicament.

Who is Bill Tuttle?

Back in the States, James is given the true identity of the assassin, Walters. He is actually William ‘Bill’ Tuttle. James decides to break out of the hospital and go after this killer on his own. He asks his son to help with his escape.

Concerned about James’ well-being, Elizabeth drops him a call. James explains that Tuttle is the killer and the convergence is real. They need to stop the threat right away.

Elizabeth decides to do her own digging into the shell companies in the meantime. Elizabeth discovers that Adebayo Osoji is behind the shell company. He’s the individual who was involved with Miller and Tuttle.

Elsewhere, Tin Tun’s suspicions of Chao are confirmed. He questions Chao’s family and then the doctor who covered for them. Tin Tun murders the doctor and his secretary. Then he heads back for Chao.

At the casino, Jack and the gang start their mission. Jack enters as a paying customer, Mike then kills the power, and Chavez shoots his way through the guards.

Chao pretends to deal with this ensuing attack, but he is secretly working for the Americans.

Mike finishes his task and escapes via the rooftop in a helicopter. Jack and Chavez reunite and head for the vault together, where Chao is already waiting for them.

They arm the devices with explosives and threaten Zeyara’s triggers. Jack asks for Cathy to be freed, but Zeyara ignores these instructions.

How does Cathy escape?

Moments later, Mike appears in the chopper, shooting at Zeyara’s guards from above. Cathy escapes in the chaos and is then picked up by Mike. Chao drives Jack and Chavez to the compound. He won’t leave without his family.

On his arrival at the compound, Chao finds his wife and daughter hiding in the garden. This is bait. Tin Tun shoots at Chao from a distance, mortally wounding him in the process.

Jack and Chavez flee with Chao’s family.

Tin Tun then comes to finish off the job, he’s about to shoot Chao, but Chao has the upper hand; he’s prepared. He presses the trigger, blowing up his home and the vault at the casino simultaneously.

This one move kills Tin Tun and destroys all of Zeyara’s devices.

Jack drives the gang to the airport, but they are pursued by a convoy of soldiers. Cathy and Chao’s family escape on the plane while Jack, Mike, and Chavez hold off the ensuing army.

They soon realize that they are outnumbered, though, and flee in Mike’s helicopter.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5 Ending Explained

Their chopper soon runs out of fuel, and they are forced to land 50 miles away. Jack calls James to update him on the situation.

Chao’s family will be landing in America; they have all the intel on the Triad. They must use this information to stop the Triad from using their bombs.

Jack and the team are then shot at. Mike takes a hit. Meanwhile, James and his SWAT team break into Tuttle’s home. Tuttle is shot in his office. James discovers that Tuttle was watching live footage of Jack’s shootout in Asia. The episode ends with Jack being captured, just like we saw in the opening episode; Jack is now a hostage.

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