Where is Gerard Blanchard Now? The Jewel Thief Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 14, 2023 (Last updated: July 17, 2023)
Where is Gerard Blanchard Now - The Jewel Thief Explained

Where is Gerard Blanchard Now? We discuss the 2023 Hulu documentary The Jewel Thief, which may contain spoilers.

When it comes to true crime, producers find that there is an opportunity with certain stories to present them in a less egregious light than most of the other offerings that we usually see.

Murders, kidnappings, and serial killers are quite rightly presented as somber tales of horror, and depending on the studio that produces them, the dramatic music and b roll footage paints a dark and chilling tone that can often leave the viewer emotionally exhausted by the end of the story.

However, when it comes to escapades such as Hulu’s The Jewel Thief, the tone, music, and direction are certainly more upbeat.

Perhaps it’s because stories such as this one can present the lead as an almost sympathetic anti-hero, as his crimes were committed against large banks and even the Empress of Austria.

Maybe it stems from our love of characters such as Robin Hood, but whatever the reason, this kind of true crime drama is a welcome break from the usual soul-crushing content that we are usually dealt.

The Jewel Thief paints a rich portrait of Gerard Blanchard and his incredible crime spree.

Considered almost a genius by his peers, and the police, Blanchard is presented to us through footage, photographs, and interviews, and the man himself is also on hand to personally explain what he did, why he did it, and how he got away for so long.

This article will be a nice companion piece for you if you are planning on watching the show, so lock your windows and relax as we answer where is Gerard Blanchard now?

Who is Gerard Blanchard?

Gerard was born in 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada. As a child, he was often considered “nerdy” and was a bit of a loner who would use his time exploring electronic equipment, disassembling them to find out how they worked.

He would grow up in Omaha, Nebraska, and living in a poor neighborhood with little money, he discovered that robbing stores was the 0nly option he had to be able to survive.

However, it would be this taste of petty crime that would lead him into further, more elaborate crimes, and next on his list would be banks.

What did Gerard Blanchard do?

Gerard would go on to become one of the world’s most notorious thieves and would be the mastermind behind a slew of heists over three different continents. Perhaps his biggest job was the theft of the Star of Sisi in 1998.

This piece of royal jewelry was a hair ornament worn by Elisabeth of Bavaria, and the story of the crime, including a parachute jump onto the roof of a palace, is more like a Hollywood movie than a true crime story.

Blanchard’s stunts were so incredible and meticulous that he would be referred to as the James Bond of thieves.

However, his luck would eventually run out, and the cocky criminal would find himself arrested for fraud and robbery, not only in Canada but right across the world. The police had him bang to rights on sixteen charges, and the sentence could be up to a hundred and sixty-four years in ail.

However, he would instead be sentenced to eight years and would get parole after two.

Where is Gerard Blanchard now?

Blanchard uses the Hulu documentary to explain some of the most intriguing questions about his life and now seems content to stay out of trouble, living in Manitoba, Canada.

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