Where is Amanda Riley Now? Scammer Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 17, 2023 (Last updated: July 27, 2023)
Where is Amanda Riley Now - Scammer Explained

Where is Amanda Riley Now? We discuss this fascinating true crime story and provide details of where the scammer is now. 

Nobody likes a scammer, and a quick look through YouTube will present you with a whole community that is devoted to exposing them.

Channels such as Kitboga show incredibly patient and devoted content makers that somehow have taken the subject of exposing scammers, making it entertaining.

YouTubers that specialize in this sort of thing often target call centers that con people out of money with various different operations, often involving sending money, buying gift tokens and sending the codes or getting access to the mark’s bank account, and doctoring the information, in an attempt to get the victim to send them money.

These channels are fascinating to watch. Kitboga uses a voice modulator to create different characters, often convincing the scammers he is an old man or woman, then leads them on a wild goose chase, often over a long period of time, keeping them from their business of conning real people, and driving them so insane that they eventually give up.

It really is incredible and hugely satisfying when these scammers are exposed and, in some cases, are actually shut down by the YouTubers.

However, there have been some truly bizarre cases of scammers being exposed, and true crime podcasts are all over it.

This article is going to look at one such case and answer the question, where is Amanda Riley now?

What happened to Amanda Riley?

Amanda Riley was thirty-seven years old when she faked her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and scammed people out of over a hundred thousand dollars for medical treatment in 2012. Riley would use her social media accounts to spread the news of her illness and ask for money for medical bills.

Riley would also shave her head to convince people of the chemotherapy treatment, although she would never require treatment as she faked the terrible illness for self-gain.

In an attempt to convince people of her illness, she would also fake doctor’s letters and certificates. Her family and friends were also convinced that Riley had the illness, and all manner of fundraising activities would be set up to help pay for the imaginary treatment.

In one case, a guitar with the signatures of LeAnn Rimes and John Michael Montgomery was donated to be auctioned to further help the fundraising. The fake cancer scam would not be noticed until the IRS would take a closer look at the affair and spilled the beans.

Where is Amanda Riley Now?

Riley would lose her job over the scam. She was the principal at Pac Point Christina Academy in Gilroy. Eventually, she would relocate with her husband and two children to Texas.

How long will Amanda Riley be in jail?

In 2022, she would receive a jail sentence of five years and will be under probation for three years after her release. She has also been instructed to pay back the money that she illegally took from people.

Riley would plead guilty to the crime and express remorse over her actions.

You can listen to a true crime podcast titled “Scamanda,” which covers the whole story.

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