How to Become a Cult Leader Review – A look Inside the cult leaders playbook

July 26, 2023 (Last updated: July 29, 2023)
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2023 Netflix true crime documentary series How to Become a Cult Leader Review


Endless devotion, unconditional love, and complete control. An eye-opening insight into how cults are created and how you can make your own.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix true crime documentary series How to Become a Cult Leader, released on July 28th, 2023.

Netflix still leads the way for being the biggest streaming platform that provides the best true crime and documentary content.

This documentary series delves into what constitutes a cult, what cults are, and how they affect people’s lives. Is this docuseries tongue-in-cheek, or is it a serious, well-thought-out, and well-put-together guide on how to attract and keep a following?

Audiences will have to decide that one. Some parts felt on the nose; other parts felt like this was easily done and achievable. 

You’ll take a look inside the cult leaders’ playbook, and learn how previous cult leaders have achieved unconditional love and loyal devotion from their followers.

They learned the absolute power of controlling people’s minds, bodies, and souls. Harnessing human vulnerability for personal benefit and profit.

How to Become a Cult Leader Review

Cults offer the chance for people to belong, offering the chance to transform your life, change your fate, and change the way you live. To some, this is a prayer being answered, but without their knowing, they’re usually being manipulated and controlled. A lot of cults end up in bloodshed and tears.

Each episode takes a look into famous cult leaders such as Charles Manson and Jim Jones. They talk through the stages of creating a cult; the do’s and don’ts.

However, this did feel brief, and I wanted to know more about these cult leaders rather than the steps in what it takes to be like them. Jones being obsessed with Hitler, for example, is mentioned, but I wanted to know why and how.  

There are exclusive interviews with ex-cult members (some from Charles Manson’s cult), podcasters, and authors who all share their knowledge and experience of cults.

As each episode is only roughly thirty minutes, there is a solid, structured pace to each episode, and it can be easily binge-watched in one day.

They use photos, animations, interviews, footage from the news at the time, and much more to support the information being given. The animation is similar to the style of Agent Elvis and Archer, and it serves its purpose. A little relied on, in my opinion, and I would have preferred real footage or reenactments by real humans/actors. 

While I’m not an advocate for cults, and this documentary series is somewhat teaching you how to start your own, it is a fascinating watch. It is both educating and raising awareness; so hopefully, you, as a viewer, do not get sucked into being part of a cult. 

Is How to Become a Cult Leader good or bad?

For a documentary series, you will learn how to be a cult leader — it does exactly what it says in the title. While it feels a little more average than most true-crime documentaries, it is still filled with information and insight. There are a lot of serious themes covered across the series. From suicide, violence, drug use, and sexual abuse, so be warned, it’s not for younger audiences. 

Is How to Become a Cult Leader worth watching?

Yes — with six episodes all roughly thirty minutes, it’s a quick binge-watch. The episodes do not feel drawn out; they each have a nice, detailed structure and are easy to understand. It almost feels like you’re taking an online class.

What did you think of the Netflix true crime documentary series How to Become a Cult Leader? Comment below.

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