Agent Elvis Season 1 Review – a little less conversation, a little more shooting

By Romey Norton
Published: March 16, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Hang on to your Blue Suede Shoes. There’s a new suave agent on the scene, and his name is Elvis. If you’re an Elvis fan, I’m sure you’ll have a burning love for this series.

We review the 2023 Netflix animated series Agent Elvis Season 1, which does not contain spoilers.

Adult animation is growing, with more released across streaming sites than ever. Here, Elvis Presley fans can rejoice as they’ll see the rock and roll king as they’ve never seen before. What’s exciting is that Priscilla Presley, the musician’s widow, has co-created the series with rock singer John Eddie.

Growing up, Elvis talked about being a superhero, and that dream is a little reality here. The series includes some first-class voice-over artists, including Matthew McConaughey voicing the King of Rock’ n’ Roll himself, the late Priscilla Presley voicing herself, and Christina Hendricks, Simon Pegg, Keiran Culkin, Kaitlin Olson, Johnny Knoxville, and Don Cheadle amongst many more star names. In animation, it’s always fun guessing whose voice is who, and here we have some pretty distinct voices, so it shouldn’t be too hard. 

After the massive success of Baz Luhrmann’s film Elvis, which had many Oscar nominations, I’m sure this animated series will take off. There are ten episodes with a runtime of roughly twenty-five minutes each, and they obviously contain a lot of Elvis songs.

Agent Elvis Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

The title is self-explanatory; in this series, Elvis is a secret agent with a chimpanzee sidekick called Scatter, taking on dark forces threatening the US. Helped by CeCe Ryder (Olson), an agent, their missions don’t always go as smoothly as planned. Elvis is a new superhero type, performing his music and being rudely interrupted by evil, and he has to save the day. Each episode is packed with kick-ass action, sexual innuendos (more than just swinging those hips), and swearing, which is unsuitable for kids. 

Comic book style animation (but no cheesy Kapow signs), it’s classy and sassy and works for the overall 007 vibes I think they’re trying to create, as Elvis is portrayed to be sophisticated, sarcastic (in a clever, witty way) and serious about his agent antics. His mission sees him in the white house with President Nixon, helping save the U.S. from mind control devices and chasing psychotic drug dealers, but he’s always back in time for a live show or to receive an award for being… himself. 

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The whole monkey thing did make me think of Michael Jackson and his monkey Bubbles, so this is either a kind nod to that or a middle finger, taking the mick as MJ was known as the King of Pop. Still, this series points out that Elvis is the only King in the music industry. 

While this series is eye-catching and entertaining, it’s not laugh-out-loud funny. I only found myself smirking at the familiar voices rather than the jokes/scenarios, so the credit goes to the voice actors. However, because it’s filled with fast-paced action, it is an easy and enjoyable watch. Will it get a second season or last the test of time? I don’t think so; this was an excellent one-off series to re-imagine the King and build another legacy for him and Priscilla.

Is Agent Elvis good?

Yes. For adult animation fans, this series is worth watching. For Elvis fans, I know they won’t need help to fall in love with this series. Fans should enjoy this fun twist in showcasing a dream Elvis had as a kid, made by those who knew and loved him the most.

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