Who animated Agent Elvis on Netflix?

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 18, 2023 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who animated Agent Elvis on Netflix? We discuss the Netflix animated series and the creative people behind it. 

Netflix’s animated comedy series Agent Elvis is a show that revels in its absurdity while secretly winking at the audience that may already be in on the joke. The King of Rock and Roll is voiced by Matthew McConaughey and is depicted as a super secret agent, so all the tropes are there. However, it has more in common with Austin Powers than James Bond, and yes, he has a chimpanzee for a sidekick.

Digging only slightly below the surface of reality, you can read that Elvis met with President Richard Nixon and requested an official badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. He told Nixon he had researched the nature of drug culture and Communism and was available to help fight against both.

Elvis was also a skilled karate student and instructor, becoming an 8th-degree black belt in 1974. And as far as the chimpanzee was concerned, yes, he did indeed have one. It was called Scatter, and with memories of Nope still fresh, it was not as popular with his friends and family as you might think.

However, this article today focuses more on the animated series’s production side, so without more pre-article rambling, we ask who animated Agent Elvis on Netflix.

Who made Agent Elvis?

It will please fans of the King to know that Priscilla Presley was highly involved in the show’s production. This should ensure that there will still be reverence towards Elvis, and the show will not be cruel or detrimental to his legacy.

Remember that Priscilla is well versed in comedy, starring with Leslie Nielson in the Naked Gun trilogy. Presley is credited with co-creating the show with musician John Eddie, who has worked with Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. Eddie will be helping out on the show with Archer writer Mike Arnold.

If you have ever watched the superb long-running animated spy comedy, Archer, you will know that this show could not be in safer hands. There are some other well-known creators on board, including art director Chris Thompson (Kaleidoscope), editor Josué Sánchez (Diente de Leche), character designer Robert Valley (Love, Death & Robots), costume designer John Varvatos, and composer Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Executive producers credited for the show include Priscilla Presley, Mike Arnold, Marc Rosen, Chris Prynoski, Ben Kalina, Antonio Canobbio,  Shannon Prynoski,  and Jamie Salter.

Who directed Agent Elvis?

Entergalactic filmmaker Fletcher Moules is a director on some episodes along with Devil May Care (2021) director Gary Ye.

What Animation Studio is behind Agent Elvis?

The production company behind the show is Sony Pictures Animation, behind the smash hit Spider-Man animated movie Into the Spider-Verse.

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