Where is Jaime Gomez Today? Buddhafield Cult Leader Explained

July 29, 2023
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Where is Jaime Gomez Today - Buddhafield Cult Leader Explained

Where is Jaime Gomez Today? We discuss the 2023 Netflix true crime series How To Become a Cult Leader, which contains disturbing details.

It’s funny the opportunities that can appear to people.

If you are a documentary fan, you will know that there is an intriguing series dropped on Netflix that takes a very deep dive into the inner workings of cult leaders, their techniques, their operations, and the horrific manipulation they use to control their followers.

The six-episode series shines a spotlight onto many of the people who were behind some of the most baffling cults the world has ever seen.

With real footage and plenty of interviews, the show explains how many of us will find ourselves in a situation where we feel lost and alone, and that is when a convincing cult leader can often step up and offer some solutions. One of the leaders that is featured in this series is Jaime Gomez.

Gomez originally wanted to become an actor, but his career failed to take off, and he only managed a nonspeaking role in a movie before doing some adult work and eventually starting his own business as an acting coach; those who can’t do, teach, it seems.

However, it was around this time Gomez realized that he was easily able to reach people with various techniques, convincing them about his principles and quasi-religious beliefs, kick-starting his journey to becoming a cult leader.

This article will focus on this particular cult leader as we answer the question: where is Jaime Gomez Today? The Buddhafield Cult Leader.

Who is cult leader Jaime Gomez, and what did he do?

Gomez, originally from Venezuela, would fail as an actor after arriving in Hollywood to follow his dream, but after starting out as an acting coach, he found he had the required charisma to charm and influence people.

This led to him starting a commune of lost people that he would name Buddhafield and would claim he could provide enlightenment at a higher level to those who joined his group.

Turns out he was a sexually depraved creep who would assault the broken people, many of whom were dancers, models, and actors, who would join his cult and convince them that his commune, which would require members to be celibate, would lead them to higher plains of consciousness.

Gomez played on people who wanted to drop out of the rat race and would spiritually embrace the teachings of Buddha.

A lot of the tropes that cult leaders displayed would play out, with members being used as slave labour and living their lives under his jurisdiction, unable to speak out about his teachings and making them spend their money on building the commune that, of course, included a stage.

Gomez would take things even further, performing minor plastic surgery operations on himself as he slowly convinced himself he was God-like and making other members of the cult do the same.

Where is Jaime Gomez today?

After one of the executives involved in his cult would turn whistle-blower, the cult would slowly slide into oblivion, as Gomez could not deliver on anything he promised, and people started to wake up from his brainwashing.

Claims of sexual assault and tax fraud would discredit him further, and eventually, things would just fall apart.

Gomez oddly faced no criminal charges and would disappear from the mainstream, but allegedly, he lives in Hawaii now, but little is known about his current lifestyle.

Does the Buddhafield cult still exist?

It seems that the cult as it once existed has dissolved, but rumor has it that Gomez has gone underground and may still be running his con from his new location.

Hopefully, anyone involved in it will watch this series and gain real enlightenment.

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