Where is Kelly Johana Suarez Now? Beauty Queen Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 19, 2023 (Last updated: January 22, 2024)
Where is Kelly Johana Suarez Now - Beauty Queen Explained

Where is Kelly Johana Suarez now? This article discusses the Colombian Beauty Queen and the film Sound of Freedom. Disturbing details and minor spoilers ahead.

The hard-to-find action thriller Sound of Freedom seems to oddly be at the center of its own particular controversy.

The thriller starring Jim Caviezel tells a harrowing story of children who have been kidnapped and used in trafficking.

The film was written, directed, and co-written by Alejandro Monteverde, a Mexican film director who made his name after the debut of his first film Bella which won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006.

The film has controversial subject matter, and it is reported to be based on true events.

Opening in Tegucigalpa in Honduras, the upsetting first scene shows a father of two children who is down on his luck and in need of money.

He is approached by a woman who explains she works for a modeling agency and is interested in contracting his children for work, however after he accepts her offer and takes them to the alleged photo shoot, he horrifically realizes that the offer was a horrible scam, and upon returning to pick his children up, they have vanished.

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The film goes on to introduce us to Tim Ballard, a former government agent who takes on the mission of finding who is behind child trafficking in Colombia, despite being scarred by his previous work in the field.

The horrific events of the film have their origin in fact, and Tim Ballard, played by Caviezel, was the founder of the agency known as Operation Underground Railroad, which was developed as an anti-trafficking organization in 2015.

However, it seems that the character of Giselle, a former beauty queen who approaches the parents of the children used in the horrific practice, is based on a real-life person, and this article will answer the question: Where is Kelly Johana Suarez now?

Who is Kelly Johana Suarez, and what did she do?

Kelly Johana Suarez lived in a poor part of Colombia and reportedly had to make an effort to rise above her own problematic childhood. She would enroll at college studying social work and claimed she wanted to help troubled young people in the area.

In 2013, she participated in a beauty competition that led to her entering the world of modeling, in which she was relatively successful.

This would result in her opening her own talent agency, Stage Models Caribe, along with Samuel David Olava Martinez, and they would hire children for modeling work.

In 2014, she was arrested by Homeland Security, along with eleven others, in connection with trafficking children.

Where is Kelly Johana Suarez now?

Kelly Johana Suarez would say she was unaware of the activities she was accused of, and after her arrest, was held at the San Diego women’s prison in the Bolívar department, where we assume she may still be held.

How long will Kelly Johana Suarez be in jail?

There is little information about the case, probably due to the bone-chilling nature of the crimes that we can accurately report, but we can assume that the alleged charges against her could lead to a sentence of between five and twenty-five years, and it could be more depending on the exact circumstances of the crimes.

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