Where is Unknown: Cave of Bones? Location Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 20, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
Where is Unknown: Cave of Bones - Location Explained

Where is Unknown: Cave of Bones? We discuss the 2023 Netflix documentary and delve into the key location.

You can’t deny that there is an ever-growing audience for tales of the unknown, and it seems people can’t get enough content to explore strange phenomena.

Ghosts, cryptids, hauntings, monsters, UFOs, and ancient civilizations are all popular topics for podcasts, documentaries, and TV shows.

Even YouTube has a dedicated audience that watches strange, poorly recorded clips of unusual happenings and either validates them or debunks them depending on what you watch.

Whether you believe in such things or not, it seems that it can provide interesting viewing when the subject matter is handled correctly.

Netflix also knows how well-received these types of documentaries are, and under the umbrella title of Unknown, it has presented viewers with some fascinating shows.

The show has veered away from the supernatural, instead presenting more science-based theories, including films on lost pyramids, killer robots, and cosmic time machines. This article will focus on an episode about the fabled Cave of Bones, so sit back and relax as we reveal the answer: Where is Unknown: Cave of Bones?

Where is Unknown: Cave of Bones? Location Explained

The documentary heads to an anthropology site that is found in South Africa. This area is essential as more human bones have been found there than in any other area worldwide. It means it is vital to research the origins of life on the planet. This documentary spends a lot of time in the Rising Star Cave System, and the belief is that the bones may provide evidence of a new type of prehistoric human called Homo Naledi.

The Rising Star Cave Systems, also known as Empire Cave, can be found in the Malmani Dolomites in Bloubank River Valley.

It is regarded as part of The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa.

What is the documentary on Netflix about?

We follow a team of self-proclaimed Indiana Joneses as they explore the area, looking for evidence of a species of prehistoric human that they call Homo Naledi. The team uncovers hundreds of bones, which is very unusual as normally, they only find one or two at these digs.

When they find what they think might be a burial spot, it starts to change their way of thinking, as it appears that these bones are from a period before we evolved into humans, but this contradicts current thinking about our evolutionary time scales.

The idea is to figure out if the bones belong to society before humans that were also advanced enough to use tools and take part in burial practices, pointing towards these pre-humans having an idea about spirituality and an afterlife.

The assumption would change the way we have previously thought about our ancestors from two hundred and fifty thousand years ago.

Is Unknown: Cave of Bones real?

Yes, this is a legitimate documentary featuring real people in historically significant settings, presenting the facts to the viewers as they find them.

You can rest assured that this is an honest-to-goodness real-life documentary that may not be as intriguing as the other entries in the series but is intelligently produced and not overcome by the “what if” scenarios that some similar shows can present.

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