Where was They Cloned Tyrone filmed? Locations Explained

July 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was the Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone filmed – A breakdown of filming locations

Where was They Cloned Tyrone filmed? We discuss the 2023 Netflix film and the filming locations used by the production crew.

What a brilliantly strange film They Cloned Tyrone is.

The 2023 Netflix movie is an absolute gem that follows the story of Fontaine, Yo-Yo, and Slick Charles as they are drawn into a sci-fi adventure that features pimps, drug dealers, and government conspiracies.

The film itself is a homage to blaxploitation flicks of the 1970s, and the team behind this production manages to capture the tone and feel of those productions while also presenting a nuanced satire about filmmaking and Black American culture.

Blaxploitation films such as Shaft and Super Fly are examples of the genre that the team behind They Cloned Tyrone seems to have drawn influence from. Often these types of films were low-budget thrillers, often with plenty of sex and violence, and aimed directly at an audience of African-American males.

The films would be unashamedly over the top and would usher in the first real catalog of films specifically designed for communities of color.

The success and quality would vary from film to film, and the films have often been regarded as controversial and shocking, but there is no doubt that this period of filmmaking left its mark on Hollywood.

Recently films such as Jordan Peele’s Get Out, Nope and Us seem to be inspired by the genre, but there is a whole slew of releases that have paid tribute and re-imagined those films.

In the meantime, this quick read is more focussed on the film’s production as we answer where the 2023 Netflix movie They Cloned Tyrone was filmed.

Where was the Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone filmed – A breakdown of filming locations

Atlanta, Georgia

Although the film was shot in 2020, through to early 2021, it has taken till July 2023 for it to get to Netflix, but issues over the Covid pandemic threw a spanner in the works for the production, and we assume the film was held back as theatres were all closed when it should have premiered.

Most of the movie was shot in Atlanta, where there is a strong structure in place for filmmakers to operate.

Atlanta and Georgia have had strong connections with TV and film for decades, and the industry has brought almost four billion dollars to the area in its most successful year, with shows such as Stranger Things being filmed there.

You can find a few publicity shots and location pictures on Instagram if you have a look at actor Osahon Tongo’s page @osahontongo.

Shadowbox Studios, Atlanta

Filming for a lot of pivotal scenes was done at Shadowbox Studios in Atlanta, formerly known as Blackhall Studios.

The studio has an incredible eight hundred and fifty thousand square feet for filmmakers to utilize and has been the home for productions such as Jungle Cruise and Jumanji: The Next Level.

There are nine stages in total, and most of the studio footage for this flick was conducted here.

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