Is Zoey 102 appropriate for kids? Age Rating Explained

By Miguel Fernández
Published: July 29, 2023 (Last updated: September 29, 2023)
Is Zoey 102 appropriate for kids

Is Zoey 102 appropriate for kids? We explain the age rating for the popular 2023 Paramount+ film, which does not contain spoilers.

The sequel film to the 2005 four-season Nickelodeon series Zoey 101, Zoey 102, is now available to stream on Paramount Plus. The film takes place around a decade after the original series and sees Zoey Brooks in her 20s, still trying to figure out her own life; she hasn’t heard from Chase since the last time we saw them together.

However, fate may have an ace up its sleeve for the two of them because Quinn and Logan are getting married and are inviting them to the wedding.

While the original series was aimed at pre- and early-teenagers, moving from Nickelodeon to a streaming service might alert some parents that perhaps this new film is skewing older and younger kids may not necessarily be the target demographic. If you are wondering this, we got you covered!

Is Zoey 102 appropriate for kids?

Yes, most kids who are able to watch Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon are also able to watch its sequel film on Paramount Plus. However, the story picks up a decade after the series, and it follows the main characters in their 20s, so the younger kids in the family who binge all four seasons of Zoey 101 on a weekly basis may not be as enthused with the sequel. 

While the series is released on Paramount Plus, it’s still a Nickelodeon production, and it’s described as a young adult film. For that reason, children in the 10-14 age range could still watch it and enjoy it, while it may not be as appropriate for youngsters in the 7-9 age range. But as always, this varies from kid to kid.

What’s the age rating for Zoey 102?

The film has been rated TV-PG, which stands for “parental guide recommended.” Note that this is one step below TV-14, which is for television content not suited for kids under 14, but it’s above TV-Y7 (suited for kids 7 and up), which is what some seasons of Zoey 101 were rated.

The age rating seems to double down on this being a film especially targeted for people in the 10-14 age range and up.

Obviously, with Zoey 101 being an iconic series for an entire generation of kids who grew up watching Nickelodeon, the film is also targeting the nostalgia feelings of that age group. So yes, early teens can watch the show, but there may be themes that are especially targeting people in their mid-20s. 

Why is Zoey 102 rated TV-PG?

It’s not officially confirmed, but from general guidelines, we can infer why. The film features a few kissing sequences throughout, as well as sexual references via characters waking up in bed together.

Characters are also seen drinking alcohol, including wine, beer, and cocktails, and while there is no specific violence portrayed in the film, there are references to a murderer on the loose.

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