Where was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed? Locations Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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Who was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed - Locations Explained

Where was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed? We discuss the popular Prime Video series and the filming locations used by the production crew.

Are you looking for an easy-to-watch, intriguing, and heartwarming limited series?

You could be worse than finding The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Prime Video.

The Australian mini-series is adapted from a book of the same name by Holly Ringland, a stunning debut novel from the writer, presenter, and storyteller. It starts with a tragedy, as the nine-year-old titular Alice is left orphaned after the death of her parents in an accident.

Left alone and empty, Alice is taken in by her grandmother, who agrees to take her to live with her in Thornfield, where she is in charge of a somewhat mystical flower farm.

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It is here that Alice’s story starts, discovering the magic of the flowers while, at the same time, finding out about her parents as she embarks on her own journey of self-discovery.

The slow-burning, beautifully filmed series has garnered some excellent reviews, and the show is rated 8.0/10 on IMDB (August 5th, 2023).

This accompanying article is more interested in the stunning cinematography of the show, something that has not gone unnoticed by fans, so relax for two minutes as we answer the question: Where was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed?

Where was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed – a breakdown of locations

Sydney, Australia

The story is set in Australia, so to capture that air of authenticity, it makes sense to film on location, so many of the key scenes were filmed in the heart of Sydney.

Although the focus later in the series is most definitely away from Sydney’s urban city landscapes, a few shots look like they may have been filmed on either sets or real locations.

It is highly likely that the hospital scenes and anything else that requires an urban set would have been filmed in Sydney on location.

New South Wales, Australia

The geography of New South Wales seems to lend itself to this story, and it looks like a lot of filming was done in the area.

The natural wildlife and beauty of this area are perfect for filming this kind of show that requires majestic and peaceful landscapes.

I imagine the mountains we can see in shots around the flower farm may be from New South Wales.

It also makes sense that scenes around Sally’s house were filmed here, as we can see the ocean and the surrounding foliage, suggesting the location was chosen as it could encompass lots of required shots for the show.

Some CGI may have been used in establishing shots of Thornfield, using the groundwork of existing locations, such as the towns of Scone and Bargo, to create Thornfield in the show.

Northern Territory, Australia

The Northern Territory is a state in Australia found in the north-central part of the island.

The Northern Territory may have been utilized in the filming process as it is distinctly different from New South Wales, and a few scenes in the production look like they may have been deliberately shot there to show a grittier, dryer landscape.

It’s a guess, but it looks like Alice’s home with her parents could have been located here due to the way the scenes look.

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