Where is Kiersten Jeter Now? Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 8, 2023 (Last updated: August 11, 2023)
Where is Kiersten Jeter Now

What happened to Kiersten Jeter? We explain what happened to the girl who survived being stabbed by her mother, Debra Jeter, and where she is now. 

Kiersten Jeter is the daughter of Debra and Lester Jeter. She is the survivor of a horrible and tragic attempt on her life that her mother committed. Unfortunately, her sister Kelsey wasn’t as fortunate. This murder and attempted murder sent shockwaves through the community and nation.

It’s a horrific thing to have gone through, and it’s something that will have an effect on Kiersten for the rest of her life. She and her dad Lester will forever have a part of their family missing after the events on June 5, 2009.

What happened to Kiersten Jeter?

Kiersten Jeter is the daughter of Debra Jeter and Lester Jeter. She had a sister called Kelsey, who is tragically no longer alive.

In 2004, her mother, Debra, was charged with abusing Kiersten, but these charges were later dropped. Her mother spent some time in a mental health facility but later came out.

In 2009, Lester filed for divorce from Debra. He also applied for a temporary restraining order to prevent Debra from seeing her children. This was granted, but it only lasted a short time before a court removed it.

This allowed Debra to see her children without supervision, which allowed for the horrific events that followed. On June 5, 2009, she was almost killed by her mother Debra. Debra arranged to meet with both of her daughters, and she led them to a rural house in Texas.

Once they were there, Debra stabbed and killed Kelsey, who was only 12 years old at the time. She also attempted to kill Kiersten, but luckily Kiersten survived the attack.

She did, however, sustain life-threatening injuries that needed treating.

Did Kiersten Jeter survive?

Thankfully, Kiersten Jeter managed to survive this horrible attack on her life. Even though she was stabbed, the authorities managed to get her to the hospital on time so they could save her life.

Her mother called 911 to admit to Kelsey’s murder, which is also where she said that Kiersten needed urgent medical attention.

Once her injuries had healed, Kiersten would have left the hospital to be with her dad.

Before her mother went to prison in Gatesville, Texas, Kiersten and Lester met with Debra, and Debra offered the pair an apology for what happened.

In a statement, Kiersten demonstrated her incredible strength in the face of what she had endured. She said, “I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep going, no matter what.”

Where is Kiersten Jeter Now?

Kiersten Jeter’s whereabouts are currently unknown. She’s stayed away from the media, wishing to live her life in private. Kiersten also doesn’t have a verified social media account, making it hard to know if she’s on platforms like Instagram.

It’s understandable, as Kiersten likely wants to live her life without constantly being reminded of what happened to her and her sister. It gives her a chance to live life without having to think about what she went through during her childhood.

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