Swagger Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: August 11, 2023
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Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained


“Journey and Destination” is another cheesy offering from Swagger. The romances and the teenage drama elements may not be handled perfectly, but the authenticity in the performances elevates this sports drama nonetheless. It can sometimes feel completely realistic and genuine, pushing it above the other similar shows in the genre.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2 Episode 8, “Journey and Destination,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

Season 2 of Swagger concludes with the National Championship final and the senior’s graduation from high school.

“Journey and Destination” focuses on all of these life-changing events for the seniors in the Cedar Cove Mustangs as they prepare for their college applications and the very beginnings of the rest of their lives.

Swagger Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

The finale starts with the build-up to the National Championship final. Cedar Cove Prep have won their last 8 games; the underdogs are on the up. They beat Houston and land themselves in the all-important final.

Cedar Cove will be playing top seeds Hilltop Central in the final, which is to be held in Los Angeles.

Jace prepares for the final game, but he also needs to seal a college spot. If he can’t get recruited, then his dreams of reaching the NBA will be shattered. He meets with a recruiting service, interested to hear what they have to offer.

Why does Jace turn down the recruiting service?

They can help him to create a highlight reel, and they promise that they have all the right contacts to all of the best colleges and universities in America. Jace is interested but upset when they get his name wrong. They also tell him to be realistic; he’s dropped in the rankings and has controversy surrounding him. Jace doesn’t like this negativity and declines the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Crystal’s career is progressing quite nicely. She plays well in the McDonald’s All-American Games and signs with Alonzo’s Gladiator Sneakers. Crystal even manages to persuade Alonzo to invest in some of her initiatives.

She’s also been offered a place at USC. All this success could very easily be lost, though, as Crystal worries that she may be pregnant. Jace’s sister Jackie buys them a pregnancy test, and they nervously await the results.

Thankfully, Crystal isn’t pregnant, but the incident has scared the couple regardless.

The recruitment stresses knock Jace off his game as well. He practices with Coach Ike, who gives him some words of encouragement.

After practice, Ike and Naim reconnect. Ike explains why he subbed Musa and talks about his responsibilities to the team. This convinces Naim to rejoin the team.

Do the Mustangs win the National Championship?

Next is the big High School National Championship final. The Mustangs face off against Hilltop Central. The opponents take an early lead. Jace is clearly nervous. Musa rallies the troops, though, and they manage to pull it back. Unfortunately, Cedar Cove lost by a single point. The team players cry afterward in the locker room.

The end-of-season banquet follows. Ike makes many speeches as he introduces the seniors. Each player then makes their own individual speech and announces where they are going next year.

Phil is heading to Howard University. Drew didn’t make the team but is going to Georgetown to major in journalism.

Nick is headed to the University of Richmond and made the Puerto Rico national team. Musa is studying music at New York University. While Royale also got into Howard.

Did Jace get recruited?

Last up is Jace. He thanks his sister, mother, coaching staff, and all of his team players for the experience of a lifetime. Jace declares that he will be going to Georgetown on a scholarship. The guests all cheer and celebrate, Jace has gotten recruited, after all.

It is then revealed that Dr. Emory Lawson is taking over as the Head of School in the interim position at Cedar Cove. In his first assignment, he makes sure that Black culture and Black identity are fairly represented throughout the school.

Emory doesn’t want Ike to resign either, but the coach has made up his mind. Ike is considering taking on a coaching position at Georgetown to follow Jace and his dreams.

Swagger Season 2 Ending Explained

The season ends with Jace and Crystal taking a walk after the dance. Crystal says that she will take the Maryland offer so that she is closer to Jace. But Jace has news. He has been offered a place at his first choice, UCLA. Jace doesn’t know if he will take the offer yet; he wants to live in the moment for now.

The couple then kiss each other with their entire lives laid out before them. They both want to play in the NBA and are happy to pursue their dreams as a team, working together.

It doesn’t matter which college they go to; they will still support one another with their dreams no matter what.

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