The Chosen One Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 17, 2023
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The Chosen One Season 1 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

This article contains spoilers for the ending of The Chosen One Season 1 Episode 6. 

Based on Mark Millar and artist Peter Gross’s 2004 comic American Jesus, The Chosen One is a Netflix adaptation of the story that switches the U.S. setting for Mexico and the small town of Santa Rosalía.

The plot, though, still revolves around a young boy’s discovery of his Christ-like powers. The show begins with Jodie escaping a violent father with his mother Sarah and picks up with his small-town life years later, where he’s popping pills to suppress his powers and has no idea of the secretive, magical heritage that is about to upend the lives of him and his friends.

At just six episodes, The Chosen One isn’t a hefty binge, but for the benefit of those who didn’t make it to the end, who did and would like some clarity, or who haven’t watched at all but are interested in how the source material was adapted, here’s how everything played out.

The Chosen One Season 1 Ending Explained

Throughout the series, Jodie’s powers begin to manifest as he’s weaned off his medication. In tandem, more details about his seemingly immaculate conception emerge, with Sarah having agreed to carry a baby for a powerful but nebulous group and then seemingly conceived out of thin air.

Once Jodie’s powers are discovered, the residents of Santa Rosalía begin to worship him as he displays his powers in various ways, including literally bringing people back from the dead.

How does Tuka die?

When Jodie revives Carlos, everyone is so excited that they fail to notice he is not the same man as he was before his demise. He’s catatonic, almost an empty vessel, and after a while of languishing like that he commits suicide, dying for a second time.

In his grief, Carlos’s son, Angelo, attempts to shoot Jodie, but in a tussle, he accidentally shoots and kills Jodie’s friend Tuka.

Tuka’s death makes Jodie realize he was putting his new messianic responsibilities above his closest relationships, but it also stokes hostility among the locals. Pastor Cruz lashes Angelo in Jodie’s name, and a mob and counter-mob set to arguing about whether he should be hanged as well.

Does Jodie bring Tuka back from the dead?

In his final act before departing Santa Rosalia with his mother, Jodie quells the mob to save Angelo, revives Tuka (who fares much better than Carlos, retaining his former personality), and bids farewell to his friends.

Is Jodie the Antichrist?

The big twist of the series is that Jodie is not the son of God after all but in fact the son of Satan, the literal Antichrist.

This is revealed when Jodie meets up with the Siren from his dreams, who turns out to have been following him his entire life in various guises to keep an eye on him. She reveals that the pendant Jodie’s father created for him contains the mark of Lucifer, and Sarah knew about this all along.

In a perverse inversion of the classic Biblical narrative, Sarah was visited by a winged demon, rather than the Angel Gabriel, to be informed of her pregnancy. The faceless organization for whom she agreed to carry a child were Satanists trying to appease the Devil.

The Chosen One ends with a flash-forward to a grown-up Jodie, now President of the United States, having embraced his role as the Antichrist and ready to wage war on the Holy Land.

You can stream The Chosen One Season 1 Episode 6 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the ending of The Chosen One Season 1? Let us know in the comments.

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