Where is Colleen Crowley Now? Johnny Manziel’s Ex-Girlfriend Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: August 22, 2023 (Last updated: August 24, 2023)
Where is Colleen Crowley Now - Johnny Manziel Ex-Girlfriend Explained

Where is Colleen Crowley Now? We discuss who Colleen Crowley is, her relationship with Johnny Manziel, and why the pair broke up. Readers may find the following description of domestic violence distressing.

Colleen Crowley was the girlfriend of Johnny Manziel until their relationship sadly took a turn for the worse. Towards the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Crowley was allegedly subject to violence and toxicity from Manziel, which culminated in 2016 when the pair fought.

Despite the trauma that Crowley suffered, she managed to get out of the relationship and move on with her life, and now campaigns against domestic violence.

Who is Colleen Crowley, and what was her relationship with Johnny Manziel?

Collen Crowley was the girlfriend of former NFL player Johnny Manziel until the pair broke up in 2015. The two were first seen together at a Drake concert back in June 2014 and became inseparable.

She supported Manziel through his 10-week stint in rehab in early 2015, but by the end of the year, their relationship became toxic.

Where is Colleen Crowley now?

After her relationship with Manziel, Crowley has chosen to distance herself from the public eye. She spoke to the New York Post in 2018 about her side of the relationship and said that she’d started a relationship with a Wall Street banker. She revealed that she moved to New York City and was pursuing a career in marketing and event planning while remaining an activist against domestic violence.

Addressing her relationship with Manziel, Crowley said she would often argue with Manziel and that she would “[lock] myself in a closet or a room or a bathroom just to get him away from me. I felt like I didn’t have control over my own body. It was aggressive.” He would confiscate her phone when they fought and “smashed” four of her phones.

Talking about an incident that happened in early 2016 when the pair fought, Crowley said that she was “completely deaf in one ear for three and a half months.” She added, “I was lucky to have survived. I fought for my life that night.”

Why did Colleen Crowley and Johnny Manziel break up?

The couple broke up in 2015 after Crowley alleged several incidents of domestic violence against her former boyfriend. In October 2015, Manziel was pulled over by police as he and Crowley were fighting in Manziel’s car. Dashcam footage showed Crowley trying to open the passenger door and that Manziel was speeding. The official report said the two were arguing, and Crowley had thrown Manziel’s wallet out the window.

Crowley told the police that Manziel had shoved her head against the window and had hit her, but when they asked her if she was afraid of Manziel or thought he would cause her harm Crowley said, “No, he was fine.” No charges were made.

Although the pair broke up in December 2015, they met in late January 2016, where according to a Fort Worth police report obtained by ESPN, Manziel allegedly hit Crowley several times at Hotel ZaZa, Dallas, Texas.

The pair left, and Crowley told officers that she and Manziel had been shouting at each other, and he had hit her again. She said she’d been forced into Manziel’s car and that he threatened to kill her and himself.

Crowley jumped out of the car and tried to hide, later accusing Manziel of chasing her down, throwing her into the car, and hitting her left ear. She said Manziel had hit her so hard she’d lost her hearing in that ear for several months afterward. When they arrived at her apartment, Crowley said she grabbed a knife for protection, and when Manziel had left, she went to her neighbor’s for help.

Manziel was indicted by a Dallas grand jury in April 2016 on misdemeanor assault charges. By December, the former NFL star and prosecutors agreed on a plea agreement that required Manziel to have counseling and to be monitored by prosecutors for up to a year.

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