Squared Love Everlasting Ending Explained – do Monika and Enzo get married?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 23, 2023 (Last updated: August 25, 2023)
2023 Netflix movie Squared Love Everlasting Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix movie Squared Love Everlasting which will contain spoilers.

In this third installment to the Squared Love franchise, Monika and Enzo are put to the test when someone else enters the picture. Monika has been struggling with motherhood and how her body is functioning because her hormones are giving her fertility issues.

While she’s processing her value as a woman because her body is unable to do the one thing it’s meant to do, one of Enzo’s exes enters the picture and claims that her son is Enzo’s. It’s a very weird situation that throws the two of them for a loop. In one way, it’s important for Enzo to explore this and have a connection to his son, but at the same time, it’s a rather odd situation.

Even when Enzo forms this bond with his son, he even puts him on his show for everyone to see. The live stream obviously skyrockets because of the brand that Enzo has in place for safety and family. He does extremely well for himself and his subscribers boost. But once he finds out the truth about his son, everything changes for him again. Almost like this journey wasn’t really meant for him to go on in the first place.

Squared Love Everlasting Ending Explained

What does Ewa do?

Ewa bursts into Enzo’s life without warning and even ends up living with him and Monika. This is all for the benefit of their son Antek so he can have a paternal figure around. In the meantime, Monika gets involved with work and gets lost in that world instead of focusing on her infertility issues. Ewa does weasel her way into Enzo’s life and is playful with him despite him being in a relationship. She wants to be in a relationship with him without fully telling him. She wants him to make that decision because he wants to have a family of his own so badly, and she can give that to him.

After they investigate further, they find out that Antek isn’t Enzo’s kid. The issue with all of this is that Enzo is so consumed with wanting to be a father that he doesn’t even question the paternity test and considers Antek his own, regardless. This is how they decide to solve the problem now, and it’s by taking someone else’s kid to raise until they are ready to have their own.

What happens at the end of Squared Love Everlasting?

Do Monika and Enzo get married?

In a very twisted turn of events, Ewa mooches off of the two of them for the time being as she just leaves Antek for days at a time. The two of them continue to have this discussion as much as it hurts Monika to raise a son that’s not hers. Even though their family members advise against it, Monika and Enzo still get married and they even have this conversation at the altar. Instead of calling off the wedding because of their opinions on raising a family, they work through it with someone else’s kid to make one party happy at the present moment.

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