The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – Why does Ju-seok target Pil-gwang?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: August 27, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - Why does Ju-seok target Pil-gwang?


An intense ending aptly sets up the final two episodes.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 10 contains spoilers.

Heading towards its climax at a commendable pace, The Uncanny Counter Season 2 has done a good job of building steadily, and then hitting audiences with big reveals. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about coming into the finale, anyway.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

How does Ju-seok’s relationship with Pil-gwang stale?

Ready to go his own way, believing all that’s left for him to do is kill Chung-jae, Ju-seok says his goodbyes to Pil-gwang. But the power-hungry villain is having none of it, so fights the former firefighter in a bid to consume all his strength. However, Pil-gwang is unsuccessful, as the evil spirit inside of Ju-seok controls the man’s body to overpower his foe.

As the Counters fuss over So Mun following his awakening from a coma, everyone is brought up to speed on the current events. This includes being aware of the potential for Pil-gwang and Ju-seok to battle against each other and in turn form one singular, “complete evil spirit.” 

Naturally, this gets the Counters to begin planning their next move, and they settle on summoning Ju-seok whenever he targets Chung-jae next. Elsewhere, So Mun is concerned that the former firefighter met with his grandmother, though sees his vulnerable side still exists when reading the memory of his elderly relative.

How does Ju-seok confront Chung-jae?

On his way to the penitentiary, Chung-jae makes a plea with Mo-tak. If the policeman can keep him safe, whether that be from protestors or any other threat, the fraudster might reveal information regarding Pil-gwang.

To nobody’s surprise, however, Ju-seok is on hand to interrupt proceedings. He breezes through the police, pins back the Counters, and drives away with Chung-jae.

Outside Min-ji’s resting place, Ju-seok prepares for an explosion that’d kill both Chung-jae and himself, believing that’s the best way the two can atone for their sins. However, that plan goes array when the former firefighter’s mother turns up, pleading with her son to exit the bus.

What happens to Ju-seok’s mother?

As Chung-jae escapes the bus, Ju-seok’s mother continues to ask her son to “control” his anger. But the evil spirit overtakes him, and the elder subsequently finds herself being choked out.

Fortunately, the Counters arrive in the nick of time here, meaning Chung-jae is able to be caught, and Ju-seok’s mother is saved from further harm. Nevertheless, the heroes soon have a new worry, as So Mun discovers in a tense fight with the former firefighter that he too can absorb the territory’s power.

How does Pil-gwang gain an advantage? And how does Chung-jae die?

While an upset Ju-seok struggles to grapple with the fact his evil spirit is getting closer to overpowering him and taking control, Mo-tak obtains video evidence from Chung-jae that proves Pil-gwang was the “mastermind” behind the housing scam.

The Counters are reluctant to share this publicly, though, given it’ll turn Ju-seok onto Pil-gwang, and likely lead to an even stronger evil spirit. Instead, the group works around So Mun’s idea that the former firefighter should be persuaded to come good, and have the darkness inside of him summoned.

After hunting down Chung-jae in prison, Pil-gwang kills his “pawn,” and takes part of his corpse to a broadcasting station. This is all part of the villain’s plan, as he confesses he wants to discuss with everyone how Chung-jae died, as well as the details of the Baekdu housing scam.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Continuing, Pil-gwang publicly reveals the truth about everything, including how he killed Min-ji. This, sadly, reignites the evil spirit within Ju-seok, which had just about been subdued by So Mun’s pleas that there is “still time” for him to return to his old ways.

To end the episode, Ju-seok kills Pil-gwang — after he sees just how Min-ji died — and consumes his evil spirit. This pleases the villain, though, as he is happy to “live forever” inside of the former firefighter.

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