Who is Addy Herman? American Ninja Warrior Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 29, 2023 (Last updated: September 14, 2023)
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Who is Addy Herman - American Ninja Warrior Explained

Who is Addy Herman? We discuss the young athlete after the release of season 15 of American Ninja Warrior.

Ninja Warrior is the ultimate obstacle course.

A cast of elite athletes have to traverse a monumental obstacle course in an attempt to move forward in the competition, hoping to beat the time and progress of other competitors to become the Ninja Warrior Champion.

Originally a Japanese show called Sasuke, the format would soon catch on, leading to other countries producing their own version of the game.

The show is simple and incredibly investable, as the obstacle course is formidable, and the contestants, often from the world of fitness, parkour, or gymnastics, are mesmerizing to watch, throwing themselves through the air like real-life superheroes while being cheered on by a live studio audience made up of friends and family of the players.

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Throw in a couple of cheeky hosts to keep you up to date with the progress, and it is TV gold. The US and the UK, as well as many other countries, have run the show with great success.

Every now and then, a competitor will catch the eye of the general public, usually through social media, and this article will focus on one such player as we answer the question: Who is Addy Herman? The American Ninja Warrior competitor explained

Who is Addy Herman?

Addy is a teenager from Pembroke, Massachusetts, who has been selected to play in the 15th season of the show American Ninja Warrior. Pembroke is a small community; it only has a population of 18,000, and Addy has become a local celebrity there,

However, there’s more to the story, as Addy had taken part in the show once before when she was only 14. Addy would compete on the reality show back in 2020, and now she is older, she is heading to Vegas to give the show another shot.

Addy loves to compete in the Ninja League but was also a runner and part of a cross-country team. She also sang in the choir at her church Grace Presbyterian.

How old is Addy Herman from Ninja Warrior?

Addy Herman is currently 18 years old.

Who are Addy Herman’s parents?

Addy’s supportive mom, Stacy Herman, encouraged the athletic Addy to pursue her dream of appearing on the show, and her father also committed to the event by building obstacle courses at their home so she could practice.

Addy also has two brothers, and the family all stay in Pembroke.

Her training partner on the show was Taylor Johnson.

Is Addy Herman on social media?

You can find Addy on Instagram if you search for addyherman.116. It looks as if Addy may be taking part in a charity event in September 2023 called Vitalise: Course Runs For Cancer.

The event allows people to pay to take part in an obstacle course similar to American Ninja Warrior, with proceeds going to charity.

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