Choose Love – Every Ending Explained (in detail)

August 31, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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2023 Netflix interactive movie Choose Love Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix interactive movie Choose Love, which will contain significant spoilers.

Choose Love is the first-ever interactive rom-com on the streaming giant Netflix, where the viewer gets to choose the ending.

The story surrounds Cami, who has the perfect life, and it’s turned upside down when suddenly she has three boyfriends to choose from. There’s the steady boyfriend, the one who got away, and the charming rock star. All sound like promising choices, so which one will you choose?

This film is directed by Stuart McDonald and stars Laura Marano, Avan Jogia, Scott Michael Foster, and Jordi Webber. 

Examples of choices you can make range from how Cami gives advice to her friends to how she moves forward with her career. There are over twenty choices throughout the film, which is an appropriate amount, all of these leading to the perfect ending for Cami.

It can become tiresome and confusing if you’re trying to view all the alternate endings like I was, and that can ruin the interactive experience. It became repetitive and boring very quickly, and that’s where I found myself disengaging.  

Choose Love Ending Explained

How does Choose Love End? 

Well, that’s completely up to you. There are multiple endings possible from the choices you make throughout the film. The film begins with Cami getting a tarot reading and being told her life is going in multiple directions, and she will have to make lots of choices.

Each guy brings out a certain aspect of Cami that she loves, making her feel and act like a better person, and you, as the viewer, will decide the ending of this film. So, the “end” is Cami in a dream state when you get to pick one of the three guys, each with a different ending. So who will you choose for her? 

What happens when Cami chooses Jack?

When the one who got away comes back, she gives another chance. He’s lovely, charming and handsome so it’s easy to pick him. If you do, you ditch Rex and choose to protest with Jack in Las Vegas.

On their road trip, they explore their differences, and Jack is able to build Cami’s confidence and fan her silly side.  Paul still shows up and proposes at the picket line in front of Jack, who then declares his love for Cami. 

What happens when Cami chooses Rex? 

While Rex has that rockstar vibe and brings out the music in Cami, his character feels like the wild card choice. Their romance is hot, steamy, and glamorous. You can make the choice to leave Jack and stay with Rex in his limo and penthouse apartment filled with alcohol and sweets.

Rex sweeps her to Paris, and they make beautiful music together. 

What happens when Cami chooses Paul?

Paul is Cami’s long-term boyfriend, who clearly adores her and is planning a life with her. Paul wants to propose, but he’s afraid she’ll say no – and keeps giving her the benefit of the doubt because he is in love with her.

If you choose to leave Rex, Paul comes to Las Vegas and proposes, and they live happily ever after. 

Can Cami choose herself?

Yes, she can. There is an option for Cami to not have any of the guys and can choose herself. Which is a lovely addition to the boy drama and her character development.

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 Netflix interactive movie Choose Love? Comment below.

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