Who plays Rex in Netflix’s Choose Love?

September 2, 2023
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Who plays Rex in Netflix Choose Love

Who plays Rex in Netflix’s Choose Love? We discuss the 2023 Netflix interactive rom-com movie, which contains minor spoilers.

Remember that episode of Black Mirror on Netflix that gave you, as the viewer, the opportunity to pick an option for the character and reputedly change the story’s outcome?

No, neither do I, but it was called Bandersnatch, and it was trying to find something new to do with the Black Mirror premise that seemed to be losing its way and drifting off into some odd territory at the time.

The idea has been taken up by the creative team behind the romantic comedy Choose Love, which also has on-screen prompts that allow you to pick an outcome for the character as the movie unfolds.

The story follows Cami and three possible romantic interests in her life and pretty much lets you act like some God of Love as you decide the fate of these poor mortals, moving the chess pieces around in a way that suits you.

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Perhaps that’s overegging the situation, but you get the idea.

You can find a full review of the film and the explanation of the ending elsewhere on the site, but this article is more interested in one of the cast, so choose option one here and relax as we answer the question: Who plays Rex in Netflix’s Choose Love?

Who is Rex in the Netflix movie Choose Love, and why is he important?

So, with Cami working in the music industry, it was only natural that she would come across a musician at some point, and Rex is it. Rex plays a British rock musician in the film, and Cami finds herself attracted to him and his love of music.

The relationship does mean that Cami can further her career, enabling her to follow her dreams of working within that industry.

Who plays Rex in Netflix’s Choose Love?

Avan Jogia is the actor behind the character of Rex Galier in the quirky production. Avan hails from Vancouver and found a start working in television but has also found himself writing and sitting in the director’s seat on four separate productions.

He is also involved in charity work, is a Peace First Ambassador, and founded the Straight But Not Narrow charity.

What is Avan Jogia known for?

Avan has been busy and has a long catalog of appearances, but here are some of the more well-known shows and films he has appeared in that you might remember him from. As a young actor, Avan would play teenage boys in various films, including Devil’s Diary and Triple Dog.

In 2010, he landed a role in the TV show Victorious, which ran for three years, and he would also appear in another TV series called Twisted in 2013.

If you squint, you can see him very briefly in Ted 2 at a comic convention, and the work continued with small parts in shows such as Tut and Ghost Wars.

By 2019, Avan would find himself in the reimagining of Shaft; then he would play Berkeley in Zombieland: Double Tap before moving into a shoot as Danny in The Artist’s Wife.

Work would continue to find Avan in the 2020s with roles in the TV show The Stranger and films Door Mouse and Johnny and Clyde, and that brings you up to date for now with Choose Love.

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