One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 Review – A good but worrisome watch

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 5, 2023 (Last updated: September 8, 2023)
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One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 Review - A good but worrisome watch


One Shot: Overtime Elite is an informative look at the transformation of the basketball world. It’s a good watch but borders the line of exploitation.

This review of the Prime Video series One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Prime Video‘s venture into the world of sports has featured some incredible docuseries. From Good Rivals to the All or Nothing franchise to 2023’s incredible docuseries Surf Girls Hawai’i, they’ve featured talent from all walks of life. They jump back into the world of basketball with the six-part series One Shot: Overtime Elite

One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 review and plot summary

One Shot: Overtime Elite explores the lives of Overtime Elite‘s next generation of basketball players from around the world as they try to chase their dream of making a professional basketball team. 

With the United States being the only place in the world where high school basketball players have to wait a year before they can enter the NBA Draft, Overtime Elite founders Dan Porter and Zack Weiner created a way for these young athletes to make a name for themselves and make money to avoid having to play in college for a season.

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While players would sign contracts with Overtime Elite, they would get paid, but in return, they would lose their college eligibility. The kids knew the risks at stake, signing on the dotted line. However, in year two of the program, they made it even more attractive to high schoolers by offering them a scholarship option instead of a salary and keeping that college eligibility, making the OTE an even more attractive destination.

Throughout the last few seasons, we’ve seen that the NIL has changed the game regarding college athletes. However, with the NBA not budging on basketball players needing to play that one year in college, we’ve seen guys like LaMello Ball shift overseas to play for a year until declaring for the draft. Enter the OTE, attempting to seize that opportunity in the States. I was initially pessimistic about OTE because it felt like they might be exploiting student-athletes, but as each episode passes, you begin to see that they care for these athletes.

I did have a few issues with the show. It didn’t need to be six episodes. While it’s paced fine, it almost felt like TOO much was happening in some elements. The other issue is understanding that these are KIDS, and while they might not be being “exploited” by the OTE, it’s almost as if the series is doing that. Sure, the frustration, drama, and off-the-court stuff make for great TV, but at what expense?

Is One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 good or bad?

One Shot: Overtime Elite is a fascinating look at how the world of basketball is evolving in front of our eyes. It’s such a learning experience as we get an inside look at how the operation began, how they recruit the players, and the plan they have in place to protect these kids from themselves. Although it’s not perfect, I enjoyed watching it and think fans of the sport will enjoy it.

Is One Shot: Overtime Elite Season 1 worth watching?

The behind-the-scenes look at what Overtime Elite is and what it’s doing for the kids makes it worthy of watching. While the kids are the show’s highlight, understanding how the world is evolving and adapting to the new rules of the NIL is fascinating to watch. On top of that, these athletes are incredibly impressive, and I hope to see some in the NBA one day.

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