Who plays Chef Zeff in Netflix’s One Piece live action series?

By Louie Fecou
Published: September 5, 2023 (Last updated: December 28, 2023)
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Who plays Chef Zeff in Netflix One Piece live action series

Who plays Chef Zeff in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series? We discuss the popular 2023 TV show and one of the key characters.

As reviews pour in for the live-action One Piece Netflix series, the streaming platform may have done the unthinkable. One Piece has somehow managed to crack the code and provide a watchable live-action version of a beloved anime and manga.

The show seems to have learned from previous attempts at this kind of project and decided to present the story recognizably for long-time fans and new viewers, too.

It has to be noted that the budget was high for this series, so it was a bit of a gamble, but so far, it has been pretty well received, and that alone seems to be a triumph.

Of course, the script, the sets, the music, the acting, and the cinematography all add up to make this a lovingly produced show, but live-action remakes are a house of cards. If you have one weak link, the whole thing can collapse, so casting was a lengthy process that needed a lot of scrutiny.

Luckily, the casting agents had the presence of mind to consider the anime versions of the characters and cast accordingly, and there have been some excellent choices.

This quick article is another in a series that you can read that looks at the process, so plot a course for information and read this quick feature that answers the question: Who plays Chef Zeff in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series?

Who is Chef Zeff in Netflix’s One Piece, and why are they important?

Zeff has a bit of a back story, previously being the captain of the Cook Pirates. However, tragedy strikes, the whole crew is wiped out in a storm, and Zeff is left alone.

After being stranded on a lost island, he would mentor Sanji, and the two would go on to be the founders of Baratie, the floating pirate oasis.

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Chef Zeff is the driving force behind Sanji, acting as a mentor, father figure, and counselor, influencing the young chef and instilling in him a respect for food and honor.

Who plays Chef Zeff in Netflix’s One Piece?

The part is played by British actor Craig Fairbrass. This seasoned actor has appeared in over fifty films and some amazing TV series. Craig discovered a love of acting while at secondary school in the UK but would find work as a roofer and a doorman at nightclubs to make a bit of money.

He would buy his own small food business in a London market before eventually landing an acting gig that would kick-start his incredible career.

What is Craig Fairbass known for?

His breakout film was in 1988’s For Queen and Country, alongside Denzel Washington. TV offers would roll in, and he would appear in iconic UK shows such as Big Deal in 1984 and firefighter drama London’s Burning in 1988.

He would star alongside Helen Mirren in the groundbreaking BBC series Prime Suspect, playing detective Frank Burkin. This would springboard him to Hollywood, and in 1993, he would hang out with Sylvester Stallone, appearing in the vertigo-inducing Cliffhanger. The 90s would continue to be productive for Craig, securing work in films such as Terminal Force and Proteus.

Craig would return to the UK for the horror series Darklands and try his hand at situation comedy alongside David Tennant in the instantly forgettable Duck Patrol. Craig would be asked to appear in a long-running angst-ridden gloom fest BBC soap opera called Eastenders and be part of an ensemble cast that would be highly popular with viewers.

More film work would follow, and Craig would find that his role in the UK gangster film Rise of the Foot Soldier would introduce him to a whole new audience and gift him with ongoing work through the violent shouty franchise. These British violent crime thrillers were very popular at the time, and Craig would appear to fit right in.

Craig seemed to have no problem finding work, returning to the States again to play in the Terminator sci-fi spin-off The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and also getting parts in many independent films. In more recent productions, Craig would continue in the UK crime genre, re-appearing in sequels for Rise of the Foot Soldier.

In 2020, he would have a role in Villain, a film making the number-one spot on Netflix. Another Foot Soldiers movie and a role in the Vertigo Film release, A Violent Man, brings you up to speed with Craig’s incredible acting career.

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