Who is Naila Schuberth? Spanish Actress Explained

September 7, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Who is Naila Schuberth - Spanish Actress Explained

Who is Naila Schuberth? After recent performances, we discuss the Spanish actress, especially in Netflix’s Dear Child. 

Dear Child is a chilling six-episode thriller on Netflix steeped in darkness and mystery.

Crime fiction fans may recognize the story as it is adapted from a hugely popular novel by German author Romy Hausmann.

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Beginning with a hit and run, an injured mother is transported to hospital from a German forest, accompanied by her young daughter. However, the young girl starts to reveal some horrific revelations to the authorities, and a cold case from over a decade ago starts to rear its ugly head again.

Steeped in mystery and intrigue, the show slowly reveals its darkest secrets, and you can read a full review of the show right here on Ready Steady Cut.

However, this article is another companion piece to the show. With a talented cast in place, we are looking at the characters and answering the question: Who is Naila Schuberth?

Who is Naila Schuberth?

Naila is a talented young performer who has landed a stunning role in the Netflix thriller Dear Child. Naila plays Hannah in the show and conveys an eerie and almost menacing performance, slowly revealing details about the situation.

Her young age means that much of her personal life is out of sight, but it was reported that she has a brother named Lukas.

Where is Naila Schuberth from?

Naila is from Barcelona, Spain, but some sources indicate she is from Germany. The confusion may arise from her parents. Some sources state that her father is German, and her mother is Spanish.

How old is Naila Schuberth, and when was she born?

Naila was born on October 20, 2011, so she was twelve at the time of writing.

Her birthplace is reported as Barcelona, Spain, which is also the location for one of her more recent film roles, although some articles state she was born in Cologne, Germany.

What is Naila Schuberth most known for?

Although a child actress, Naila has managed to secure a few roles in TV and film. In 2020, she would appear in an episode of Betty’s Diagnosis, then moving on to an appearance in a TV series.

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More TV appearances would follow in 2021, with Heldt, Unbroken, Gefahrliche Nahe, Romer Reihe – Das Lied der toten Madchen, and Blackout.

In 2023, there would be a major role for Naila in the sequel to Bird Box, Bird Box Barcelona, featuring a battle for survival against alien invaders.

In that sci-fi adventure, Naila plays young Sofia, who becomes orphaned when the creatures attack. Speaking only German in the film, she eventually makes a connection with Claire.

That brings you up to speed with Dear Child, where she plays Hannah.

Can you find Naila Schuberth on socials?

No, it seems there are no social media pages for Naila, and with her being so young and appearing in TV and film, it’s probably for the best.

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