Sitting in Bars with Cake Ending Explained

September 8, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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2023 Amazon Prime Video movie Sitting in Bars with Cake Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Amazon Prime Video movie Sitting in Bars with Cake, which will contain spoilers.

Extroverted and confident Corinne convinces her shy and introverted baker best friend, Jane, to commit to a year of baking cakes and bringing them to bars with the goal of meeting people, developing confidence, and getting Jane a boyfriend. 

This film is a lot more emotional than I thought it would be. It’s a story of friendship and sisterhood and will have you laughing and crying.

Sitting in Bars with Cake Ending Explained

How does Sitting in Bars with Cake end?

The film begins with the girls at a party, serving cake and having fun, but Jane is clearly uncomfortable. The two best friends are completely opposite in personality but can share this one crazy adventure together. 

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Towards the end of the film, there is a fantastic karaoke bar scene where the two best friends sing Wham. Jane ends things with Owen, and Corrine deteriorates further as the two cry and hold each other at the beach. 

Corrine dies, and while cleaning out her things, Jane finds a drawer with all her colorful underwear with a note to Jane saying she should wear them. 

In the final scenes, Corrine is baking, as she is now taking the step of becoming a professional baker. She takes the cake to a bar on Corinne’s birthday before visiting her grave and letting her know she’s completed the 50 cakes to 50 bars in one year. One year later, Jane is a professional baker, sweeping hospitals with cakes and sweet treats, and has her own cake bar. 

What is Cakebarring?

This term was created by Audrey Shulman in 2012 after she baked a cake and took it to a bar to celebrate her best friend’s birthday, and it was the star of the show. The cake was such a hit that not only did it impress her friends, but it was a hit with all the guys in the bar. This exciting new way of making friends and meeting people officially became named “cakebarring,” a.k.a. the act of taking a cake to a bar to meet guys. 

Is Cakebarring a success?

The main aim of cakebarring was to meet people and maybe meet potential men and give Jane some much-needed self-confidence. The irony is that Jane actually meets someone at work. 

While Corinne is the one pushing cakebarring, Jane is a lot more reluctant, trying to put it on pause until Corinne is better and to spend time with her love interest, Owen. 

It’s a success in terms of keeping banter and conflict between the friends and giving them something to focus on and fight about. Corrine knew that making Jane do this would make her realize she didn’t need to be a lawyer but could, in fact, make cakes and be happy. 

At the end of the film, we see that Jane has been able to complete 50 cakes to 50 different bars in 50 weeks. Jane also became a professional baker, so cakebarring was a success.

Does Corinne survive?

Corinne has a seizure and is diagnosed with a brain tumor roughly thirty minutes into the film, and it hits everyone hard. Through her radiation treatment, the girls continue to cakebar as a distraction. The girls have a bust-up fight in the middle of the street as Corinne takes her diagnosis less seriously than her “nurse caregiver,” Jane.

As the film goes on, Corinne gets sicker, and the tumor moves and is not curable. Corinne deteriorates rapidly, but their friendship is still as strong as ever. Corrine dies peacefully at home before getting to finish the cakebarring schedule they had made together.

What did you think of the Ending of the 2023 Amazon Prime Video movie Sitting in Bars with Cake? Comment below.

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